My first moc (no name yet)


Not bad for your first moc.

Thanks alot i just built this today with a bucket of my bionicle parts not sure what i was going for

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Creative colour scheme :thumbsup:

The extra joints in the limbs look awkward. I’d replace them with straighter parts. I would also remove at least one color from the entire moc. I don’t think brown and blue go together very well, so I’d remove of those two. Other than that, this is more or less the same design the toa metru had with only a couple changes.

I suspect this is part of the problem.

Thanks a whole lot my parts right now are limited and ill take this into note when making others

Ccbs and technic is your friend.

It’s alright for a first moc, the bohrok limbs look awkward, and the bare head is ugly.

Pretty great for a first. Though more than one picture would be nice.

the color scheme is great for it being your first moc, the build is pretty simple tho, but that’s normal for a first moc

Needs a mask. A plain Metru Head looks weird.