My First MOC (Update)

This Moc is my first so please if you have any tips or advice please share. Its not the best but it could be better.

this is him standing next to Pohatu.
Epic Pose.
This is the back of the moc.
This is the back of his legs.
These are his weapon.
The side of the moc
If you need more pictures just Tell me and I will do my best


Here is the Newer version.

Here he is from the side.

here he is from the other side.

I tried to pose him in an epic way.

Here are the weapons. ignore optimus.

Here he is standing next to Pohatu.


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For a first try, it's pretty great. :smile:

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Thank you! :smiley:

Pretty good despite hidden asymmetry.

I was limited on parts but i made do.

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Indeed you did.

Im probably gonna work on it when i get home so it looks better.


Hey that's pretty good! Can't wait to see more from you :smile:

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I recomend beefing up the torso and lengthening the legs. currently he looks very top-heavy (if thats what you wanted him to look like then that's fine also).

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Will do. Thanks.๐Ÿ˜„

Really nice first attempt! Some guild building here!

I love how beefed up he looks, too!

My issues are that he has some mis-colored parts so he doesn't have much of a color scheme, and when the knees are bent they are sort of gappy, but it still looks really good!

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Those legs are really well done. This is your first MOC? Wow.

Great for a first try.

Dang, this lookds pretty solid! Shoulders are a bit wide. Some of the textures clash a bit. I recommend selecting armour parts with similar aesthetics.

However, I highly recommend taking better pictures. Turn off your flash, use some good lamps, steady the camera with a tripod/stack of books and try to find a more neutral backdrop colour. :smiley:

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It looks great for a first moc, I just think it's shoulders and arms are way too bulky.

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The back is dull and not enough detail; But not bad for a first try :smile:

Better than my first try :grinning:

For a first MOC you've done well. I like this guy's bulky look, but some areas like the waist and legs could use some improvment.