My first MOC using CCBS

This is my first MOC using CCBS I am still yet to come up with a name so some suggestions would be appreciated also if anyone has any suggestions on improvements please let me know I am looking for way to improve.


For a first, this ain’t bad.
But you might want to let the rest of the pictures upload.

Ok, the build isn’t too bad, the shooter is cool, but those legs are really really awkward, those bone pieces on the back are completely unnecesary and look bad.

But what I really dislike here is the color scheme, it is all over the place. Trans neon orange and blue, white, black, purple, gunmetal and gold all together just don’t flow well together.

For a first time it isn’t too bad but it definetely needs work.

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Pretty good for a first try.

Ok I removed the Bone pieces at the back of the legs and whipped purple and gunmetal out of the colour scheme. Unfortunately with the pieces that aren’t in use I only have trans blue for the shooter section atm.


Nice, it’s looking a lot better now and the textures don’t clash anymore. The red bits on the torso look kinda weird but a overall nice improvement.

Way better.
Not perfect or anything, but you’re making progress.

More progress than you. /s :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow…this is really good first try - It puts my first serious MOC into shame.

To quote one of my favorite villains of time - You could have many destinies.

Really nice first try. Good to see you’re using new parts already!

Pretty good, just a bit to rainbow-esque.

Not bad for your first MOC…

But the proportions could use some work.

Looks nice!
I think it needs some black near the head ,though. Just to balance out the colors more.
The weapons look really good as well!

Hm. It has some great potential!

tip: i would replace the ‘ab plate’ with a different one, gold if you have it, silver if you don’t and replace the purple and black ‘ab plate’ that you have currently. otherwise he’s pretty good.

Looks a lot better. Keep up the good work man, this is really good for a first

Cool thing.

I like it. The lower legs look a little wide, though. Maybe just change out the shells for a single, wider one.

I dunno really. Just throwing ideas out there. I’ve never tried making an only-CCBS MoC before.

The is really good, you really used the shells and parts in a great way, there were some unarmored places that could use some bigger shells, the shin I believe and the weapons are neat.