My Folly of the Toa- Lewa's note

Made with permission from @Scorpion_Strike, this was made in a style similar to the original “folly of the Toa” to show what I think Lewa’s perspective would be. Note: like the original, it’s pretty dark/heavy, and it’s basically Lewa’s suicide note for Onua.

My dearest brother Onua,

If you find this note, I am dead.

Understand that I did not want to hurt anyone. Far from it: I do not want to be a burden to my brothers and sister, as Pohatu has become. I want you to know that I am happy now. That I died on my terms. That is why I do this: not out of selfishness, but because I have seen what will happen to me if I go on too long.

I have seen how Gali has begun to lose herself- how she breaks more and more every day. She wants so badly to help Pohatu, but he is beyond her aid. We were what made her happy- her brothers. I don’t know how we could have managed without her. But now, my sweet sister has begun to crack. She wants so desperately to help all of us, but what she refuses to accept is that we can never go back to the way we were. The rest of us found some sort of new purpose to keep us sane, but she continues to pursue an impossible hope, and it is destroying her to watch what is happening to us.

I have seen the slow death of Pohatu in front of me, leaving him suffering and empty. He’s dead inside, yet still he feels great pain. I refuse to join him. I loved Pohatu. He was my dear friend and Brother. Now he suffers a fate worse than death day after day. I can’t let that happen to me. I know that it will unless I die now.

The Ta-Matoran say that there will be a volcanic eruption today. I intend to fly through it. If I make it through, I will have the greatest thrill of my life. If I don’t, I will die happy. I trust you will understand this, as we knew each other best of all. My last request is that you understand why I did this and help the others forgive me for what I did to myself and to them.

Please show this note to no one, especially not Gali. She works so hard to keep us together, and finding out I died by choice will break her heart.
I am so sorry, brother.

-Lewa Nuva


wow, this is powerful, I’m actually tearing up a little.


Thank you so much!
Lewa was always pretty much my favorite character, and I felt like I captured him here.
If you haven’t done so, you should read @Scorpion_Strike’s "the folly of the Toa, which is the original story and the one I based this off of.

The Folly of the Toa

Rip Lewa, he flew through a volcanic eruption,.

Seriously though, this is amazing.

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ya, I read it. I think this really fits the feel that @Scorpion_Strike created for the originals

I’ll have to figure out a proper way to fit this into Onua’s story…