my G3 matoran villain pitch:Boom-yan ( name can change to something better)

{this is to pitch ideas NOT to beg to add my character to the story!}

Boom-Yan is one of my matoran. I wanted to make a new race that docent have an element and this is what I came up with:
this matoran lives in the upper stratosphere on giant flouting asteroids with alien like structures they are not known to the villages on the island.

living off of a type of moss and fungus growing on these asteroids.
due to having access to an abundant array or precious metals they have evolved faster then most matoran. but this also causes them to fight over these resources in a pirate take what I want manor.they don’t have a toa. not often do they travel to the ground because its almost impossible for them to get back up to there city. the have few but powerful rahi to fight.

the reason I think he would make a good villain even if he is a matoran is:

  1. he can copy there elements by: A. flame thrower B. Hydro cannon C. air cannon
    D. rock blunderbuss E. cryo gun
    I think he would mock the toa about how they think they are special but he can do the same things they can with his tools.
  2. he may be small but due to fighting all the time he has gotten stronger, ruthless and more cunning.

my example is if you have played halo 1-5 this will make sense: a human vs a elite the elite will win 95% of the time. but a Spartan which basically is a human with armor and training will win 95% of the due to his thick armor and his traing boom-yan can fight against the toa.

leg cape

if someone can figure out how to put a propeller on the bottom of a staff piece that would really help.


no that’s not what I’m saying. its an pitch to give an idea. like to make there own characters based of the idea. this was not to begging. “they” (the ttv cast)where talking about how they would like to have more villains later on like how ( I don’t watch the show) ninjago has villains like djinn villains that sow up Later and are not the main villain but still pose a challenge.

and I don’t get what you mean by “and despite being mary sue-ish,”

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TTV needs to canonize this guy.

I believe.

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I’m sorry, honestly I was being too cynical.

As far as the Mary Sue thing, having access to each and every element lends it to automatically being an overpowered character as it is(like you said, he is capable of doing the same things as the Toa just with his tools), plus he’s also a good fighter, engineer, etc. You appear to by trying to make him capable of facing off against all of the Toa in a direct confrontation scenario. I realize that you’re trying to overcome the hindrance of being a Matoran, but in this case I think it’s overcompensating. Generally it’s not good writing to have an antagonist that just blanket counters everything the protagonists can throw at them… It makes them too good to be believable and completely offsets the power balance.

I’m assuming this would be a year 4+ character seeing as we already have outlined who the first through third year villains are. The Toa at this point have already undergone the rookie to master arch in some capacity, so they’d be at their prime(unless there’s some kind of artificial nerf). To have Boom-yan be capable of defeating the whole team would raise the standard immensely; all of the improvement they had made in those three years is suddenly not enough to beat one singular villain- who is a Matoran with equipment at that.

Also, he seems to lack significant flaws besides just the general not being of high moral fiber deal. So maybe make him somehow fallible?

sorry if was being snippy.

as for the whole “having access to each and every element” he doesn’t really its more like a flame thrower against a forest fire the toa have way more power at there disposal. he just uses the tools to fend them off during a fight.
example: kopaka is charging at Boom-yan with his spear so Boom-yan blast a fire ball at kopakas face(like a pirate uses a blunderbuss in a sword fight) so while kopaka is blinded for a second Boom-yan broadsides kopaka with the flat side of his axe to hit him back.

as for the ark if he was added early they could make him not over powered. but if it was later he would have to be stronger to be able to fight against them.and he would be one of like maybe 3 villains they would like against at ones in the series.

and as for the flaws I was trying to imply he likes to pillage and steal resources for trophies and parts.

Don’t forget minor cybernetics and the ability to lift cars even without their armor.

Not quite the best comparison.

A spartan is a spartan because of being a part of the controversial spartan project that abducted kids and have them a ton of physical modifications.

Only later in the timeline did the program become ethical and work on adults.

dude it was an example. how about ODST’s and brutes?

There is nothing wrong with elites in the example but your implication was that what makes a spartan is simple.

An ODST works because it really is just training and equipment.

As for brutes it’s hard to really say since when they were first encountered by MC in first strike they were capable of thrashing a whole spartan squad but in the actual games as well as contact harvest they were portrayed much weaker than that (but still decently strong).

The usage of an elite works since defining their abilities is relatively easy.

I was simplifying them for others that might not know the games well. I know there not that simple. in the games and they have a whole backstory and specific armor sets for different situation.

it isn’t simplification if you need to subvert the point to do so.

Spartans are capable of much more than a normal human even without their equipment.

You said that the equipment and training are the difference between your character and a regular matoran so a spartan would be an inaccurate comparison.

Plus there’s the fact that Elites still stomp Spartans in canon

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Only with superior numbers or above average training.

The canon ones that went toe to toe with Spartans and won were all far above elite minor rank.

Though it does prove that elite still have the potential to compete with Spartans.

He wouldn’t be the only villain there would be like two others. He may not be that strong

I made him for you on Ldd, the photo is on the canon list

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So I really enjoy the idea of upper stratosphere matoran, especially the high tech part.

I think this could play into an interesting idea for a sorta Metru-Nui style world. I think it would be a cool story for either the Toa to find a group of matoran dwelling in an advanced civilization, or perhaps a story set in this new world with the cities version of ‘Toa’.

I would be especially interested in seeing this civilization where matoran are no longer connected to the elemental gods, using tech instead.

Perhaps we would see imitations of Toa that use technology to create their own powers similar to the Toa’s. This could be interesting I would really like to

well i was thinking something along the line of that like if since they don’t have a direct connection to the planet there connection has been severed and don’t have any even a small elemental power.

the tribe was once was part of another one (example: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Sand, Ice)but have not known for millennia. definitely not from the lightning tribe they are a mythical tribe by them self

(the idea for the character entering the story would be like season 2 or 3and there would be like 2 or 3 other villains) his own tribe kicked him out of the village because he was running out of other places to raid so he started taking from his own people and he is very very enraged about that. so he makes a deal with Makuta. the deal is that since its impossible to get back up to his village Makuta will bring him to it once he has defeated the toa.

he has no power at all.but he resents the toa because he thinks they are vain with power. but in turth its him that is vain.

his weakness are
. loves gold
. never refuses to fight
. can’t run fast( but is nimble)
. only likes his war axe never uses other weapons
. dose not like to be talked down too it sends him in to a flurry

Wind would make the most sense, I believe from the videos I’ve watched that the Wind Region has floating islands.

Perhaps said floating islands were sent into the sky with some matoran still on them forming a stratospheric island region.

I think that I would love to see if not a group of characters from the city above, perhaps the city above itself playing into a future story.

well ya it would make sense. but if the back story was revealed i think i would make a more creative like an eruption from the volcano in the fire region sent magnetized rock in to the air.

I suppose that is another option. I mean there are many ways that it could have gotten into the stratosphere.

i’m open to ideas if you got any for the other tribes.