My Idea For Bionicle G3 (and how it can continue for longer)

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, I’m going to outline the way I think LEGO could bring back Bionicle not just for fans of the theme and LEGO itself, but even possibly attract a whole new audience as well. Before I delve in I want to say that this whole idea is based on ideal conditions.

Okay, here is my idea. Comic books.

LEGO can start a G3 continuity with comic books almost like Marvel and DC. This can also be used to continue G1 and G2.

What they could do is partner up with Marvel or DC (they already have partnerships with them for the Superheroes themes) and establish a panel of people to oversee comics being published in the Bionicle name and approve them. This can also allow new characters to be created quite a bit easier than how it used to be. It can open up the theme more to fans who want to be able to contribute something meaningful to the theme.

Combine this with making Bionicle sets with system Lego (with special constraction sets every so often) and we could get scenes recreated from those possible comics, just like the Marvel and DC themes.

This is just the basis of my idea and if you want me to I can try to elaborate. Let me know what you on this idea.


I get your idea in general but why bring back either of these? One has excessive lore and pretty much ended well, the second was very poorly written. So all in all just start again, no point in continuing the first two. Also I doubt this could happen so easily, specially after such a short time for G2’s demise, perhaps in 6 years more or less.


I don’t think Lego’s contract with DC and Marvel allows them to go as far as to get them to produce stuff for them (usually it’s vice versa), and Lego is grounded in producing toys with story accompanying it, and this plan doesn’t really seem to align with their company values as well as their established/standardized buisness plans which already work so well. I’m all for a new, innovative strategy, but this doesn’t seem like something Lego would do, at least in the near future.


You know g1 and g2 both had comics right?
I don’t think it would make any considerable difference, how many kids read comics nowadays?

They read E-comics on their tablets probably

Of course I know that, however they all followed the main story arc of that year. In this case it would be like being able to explore all the different perspectives of characters. It could be in a way Marvel structures their universe:

Have a main universe (e.g. Earth 616) in this possible case have it be Bionicle G1 (suggestion)
Then you can create alternate universes (like the Bionicle story serials had) to explore alternate timelines (e.g. Old Man Logan)

That is the way I’m thinking about this

Either way still unlikely, just because lego makes stuff for marvel and dc doesn’t mean that they can tell marvel or dc to make stuff for lego. In the end lego is a great toyline, but definitely not the greatest when it comes to make stories.

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I believe all g1’s comics were made by DC, so it definitely isn’t impossible but…Are comics really that popular right now? I have rarely/never seen a child, in LEGO’s target audience, reading a comic. Perhaps a different format is required for current/future generations.

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Seems a good idea, but sets are what Bionicle is about,


Set can still be made, but it would be better to make the sets system based to give more detail to the worlds fleshed out in the Comic Books

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