My interpretation on G1 version of The GSB led brain stock update

This is what I was planning on entering this in the gold skinned being contest. But dude to family issues. All my projects were put on halt because of it. But I’m currently working on it right now and wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions for what could be added to it.

I’ve been working on it a bit more. Still don’t know what I’m going to do for the lower legs yet. But once I do I’ll post a full update on this moc.

I’ve upgraded the upper body so the chima chest plate would connect better and alongside the golden tahu shield as apart of it as well and I am liking how it’s turning out so far.

I’ve now given the figure both legs and am thinking about what I’m going to put on the fourth arm. I’m thinking about using a plasma like Canon arm. I will upload more when I get the parts that I need to finish the moc it’s self. Otherwise I hope you all enjoy these let me know what you all think of it so far.

I put one of the LEDs I already had and it looks pretty good but I think it will look better when I get a match eyes for it.

@Rothanak the head design is just pretty size it can fit not only this. But there’s a opening section the back of the head so the battery can be removed. I just finished the arm and I plan on getting some more little detail parts that I ran out of while building this figure.

I also extended the tail by one just to use up the one of the 2015 armor shells.

I hope you all enjoy this update. It may be a while until I can get the parts for the figure as the holidays have slowed everything for Mail wise here.


I think it needs some spikes, and thicker thighs or a longer torso.
What piece did you use for the face?


@Orion2020 are you taking about the mask?if so here it is. Proto Reidak V2 Kanohi Maokbi by Rothanak - Thingiverse


This looks neat! I like how the face looks similar to a chameleon or similar reptile.


Ah this is pretty cool looking. I like the shaping and detail, nice job!

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@DuneToa I plan on making it look similar to a alien predator but also like the skakdi. Also any suggestions for what the leg should look?


@Powers0016 right now this is one of the things I am reworking on now.


@Rothanak check out the newest progress on the GSB moc so far.


I just love this design and the colors. Good luck on finishing the moc!


@SonicBionicleMaster thank you. I do too.