My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

it is popular

sure it's fandom is cringy

but it seems like the toyline/series is popular enough to continue the show

probably won't end till it needs to end

which won't be for another few months or years


I must reiterate my opinion that: at this point the fans won't abandon MLP unless the people making the show do something downright stupid or offensive. This fandom has become a self-sustaining nuclear reactor, the only way for it to die is for Hasbro to put the axe to one of their most (at the time of this post) well-beloved, well-received, best-selling toy lines&TV shows, and then put out nonstop DMCA claims on literally every piece of Pony-related media, and even then the fandom would probably go on for a few years in spite of that.

That my friends, is the only way MLP/The Brony Fandom could ever die.


Why do you care? If you don't like it then don't watch it?


sorry senpai, just was getting annoyed by the fandom recently. :frowning:

it'll always be there

no matter what

even if it's decades from now and another iteration comes up as much like the transformers, it won't go away

besides there's always time to pass

I'm always having these immature mood swings...XD

How so?

MLP/BIONICLE comparasions, some random G+ dude who sends me invites to MLP live streams, those annoying Tumblr posts that I see on my dash, and those cringey MLP BIONICLE fanfics and art grind my gears.

recently i sat down and watched 3 episodes of mlp wasn't really a fan of it and im already not a fan of random musical numbers unless its like south park or something. I can kinda see the appeal it has to people but it wasn't hitting me. Eventually i will probably watch more because of the nature of why i watched it that being a form of lucky(unlucky?) Dip. Just thought i would voice my opinion on the matter

Do you remember which episodes?

Hmmmmmm two of the episodes were just the first two episodes of the show and i never knew what the third episode was mainly because i would just get linked to them by a friend who's not online at the moment. When he gets on i can probably grab the name off him

Edit: the name of the episode was "No Second Prances"

Ah, well there is your problem. The pilot is far-and-wide regarded as being among the weakest episodes of the whole show, though they are kind of important for setting up the character's 'n' such. Then you jump way ahead into the most recent season with an episode that relies quite a bit on previous encounters with the episode's two primary characters.

For something with an actual continuity, I'm a heavy advocate for watching things in order.

That being said, my favorite episodes are still probably the 2 part season 2 premiere.

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On that advice when i draw it from my box again i will cut out my middle man and just watch it in order..... just like a do with paddle pop and the other show in my box that have continuity

All I can really say is, yeah, it starts out weak, but it picks up as the show goes on. Added bonus: you get to watch and see the animation team grow as new facial expressions and more complex animations make their way into the show.

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I'll keep that in mind next time i find myself watching it..... aslong as i dont have to watch food fight again

Hey, I just thought I'd put this out there, Now is just me, or is the table flipping guy from Bronies React, @TakumaNuva? Think about it. They both like mlp, and they sound pretty similar.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Well, maybe not you. I haven't exactly memorized all of the cast member names. All I know, is that there is some one in an online show called Bronies React, who sounds a whole lot like some one in the podcasts.

Calebs updated thoughts.
From the episodes I've sat down and watched either from my villainous box of torture or after i decided to give the show a fair shot i have to say i simply find mlp boring. From what I've seen it appears very slice of life. This is different reaction to other animated shows I've recently found the ones that come to mind being star vs tfoe and gravity falls. After questioning what was different for mlp i realized something. From what ive seen mlp lacks a villain outside of the 2 part season opener. Obviously im not going to watch such a large show then form an opinion so i dont know if that villain thing changes. But i guees those are my current thoughts


Yeah, The lack of a solid villain is one of my personal biggest complaints. There are occasional small villains, but they usually amount to nothing by the end of the episode. If you scroll up a bit you'll see the rage I went into when they "redeemed" arguably one of the most evil characters on the show. Out of all the characters they introduce to fill the role of "villain," most end up turning good, or their arc is completed within the same episode and they aren't seen/heard from again. I don't know if you've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it would be like Zuko turning good in the third episode, rather than the third season. Keeping in mind that MLP has almost no combat and is mostly slice of life episodes, as you have said.

In spite of that, I still watch it mostly for the humor and the characters. You've watched a few episodes and didn't find it to your liking, so you are freed from watching any more. To each his own!