My Magnum Opus: The Creator of Ice

I will make a backstory later i just made this before i consieved it, also this is a MOC that requires further improvement, constructive criticism is much appreciated

Upper perspective

Menacing pose

Attack pose

I really like this MOC so pls give constructive criticism
I also made custom Lower arms

Also the photos do not give this MOC justice i find it difficult to find a good perspective


torso looks a little long and those wrists give me pain


i’ve been trying to shorten the torso and those wrists i understand your pain but its a trade-off to allow me to get a wrist blade and armor combo(imagine wolverine, do you think he can bend his wrist)

Gauntlet sabers! Nice!!!

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For me, it just looks like the Controller of Ice with the Mask of Creation. The torso looks unnecessarily long, as do the legs. Those wrists look really chunky, and the upper shoulders look flat somehow. Maybe that’s just me.


i did make this as something that ties into the CoI’s story, so lets just see what happens
p.s i’m planning on publishing a novel on the site, i just need to flush out the kinks, the novel is a series detailing the story and backstories of my MOCs

(but it wasn’t)

it could still be improved

i understand that it can and should be improved,and i’m sorry if my reply to @Mr.Monopoly didn’t address his comments

Maybe you should look up “Magnum Opus”. ZING!

Colour scheme’s nice. I like how you did the lower arm, but that ball joint in the middle is clearly bending the connection between the two ball sockets, and that simply hurts me… physically.


actually the bending can be easily fixed with the use of duel sided ball joint( i only used a 1 sided ball joint)
picture 2 look at the left arm its straight

Wouldn’t it still be pushing the ball socket from the other angle though?

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The torso and legs are too long.

@Huichelaar no it won’t
@Toa_Vladin yes, i know, and i’m trying to sorten them

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I want those laser gauntlets.

Could use some more gold in the legs (knees/shins) and either longer arms or a shorter torso. Also, not a fan of those forearms, feel like you could get the same or a better effect with a standard bone and some technic or clip-bars. Other than that, not a bad MOC.

the elevation you’d need with a standard bone piece(CCBS at least) cant be combined with the laser blades, it’d just look akward

Too long torso, but I really like that “skirt” I don’t know how is it called

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i am currently trying to shorten the torso, while maintaining the hip plates

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That’s great! Good luck!