My Mascot Rahi Man

this is a small moc I made for fun not to be perfect but to be what it is


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-keemy memes

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Cool moc. :relaxed:

PS, are you new here?

looks pretty cool, though the pins and axels are bugging me.

Rahi man Rahi man does whatever a Rahi can

Steals Masks, of any size

Captures Toa just like flies

Look out here comes a Rahi Man


Nice arms and legs, do you have any black pins to stop the red from breaking up the color scheme.

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you could give it colored eyes, get rid of the red pins too.
and the lower legs could be swapped for the smallest CCBS bone to give it more articulation.
Its not very unique, it just looks like an AV matoran, with a build I’ve seen many times before.

you can click on his picture to see when they joined.

I know that. I just didn’t think of it at the time.

The moc doesn’t have much of a Rahi vibe, it just looks like a Av-Matoran with a Rahksi head.