My micro-valkyrie

3 topics in 1 day, go me.
Anyways, thought I’d post a tiny little MOC of mine, a blue Valkyrie from Macross.

He has minimal articulation, but I feel that it fits him.

time to transform:

lemmie know if ya want me to make instructions,


You should really try to make some big Transformer MOCs. If… that’s what you like.

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Oh, I’ve tried


It looks good, just needs tweaks.

whats a macross?

but i guess its good moc

It’s an anime, Super Dimension Fortress Macros.

Also, @Radiation-7901, the black optimus was from years ago.

you mean nemesis prime right?

Actually, just take a stroll through this page, and tell me how many black convoys you see.
I counted at least 6 fully black repaints of Prime.

Looks like something out of StarCraft, nice job overall :smile:

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Cool moc and nice transformation. :grinning: