My moc Azura

Note: This is my own story of a parallel universe so dont mind any false things of the original line. thanks :smiley:

Azura is the Queen of Nidi Nui(an Island which is the most important place in my story) and also my main Character. She is brave, but also stubborn at times.

She is a skilled fighter and chose to fight with a staff saber thingy. i dont know how to call that. anyway she than discovered the truth behind the order of mata-nui, one of their members has created the broterhood of makuta which goal is to concer the world. they even killed almost every toa. even Toa Tuyet. Also their plan goes beyond the knoledge of the existing toa. They are trying to mutate other people with the shadow liches(dont know how to spell that correctly)
and thats the point when azura turned into complete shadow(except her armour)

but still. she is not going to turn over the makutas side. She is still her self she said. She tried to escape very often. But every time the makuta are putting her back in an cage. Except once! The last attempt she made was very well planned she thought. But than almost at the end she got found again. His name was Aroxx. Both ended up with the same fate. they got mutated into schadowed ones.
but he is unlike the others. He told her that he tried to escape too. but he gave up very early. She said that both of them can escape when working together. And so they did and both of them came back to Nidi Nui were they found out at every toa was found that. except an toa of air. He just went missing. noone knows where he is neither what he is doing. so Azura decides to find him and she created the Team Ace build up with Aroxx, Azura, Yato an cyborg like warrior and Leviathan the axe man, as he calls him self.

and so they are now an there way, to fight for peace


Bit wonky, but with effort it could work


Not a fan of the head. Yeah, it’s overused to say it, but I just don’t like rahkshi hair heads.

The rest of the build is kinda wonky and lanky.


In some cases I like the Rahkshi head… this is not one of those times

the head doesn’t really work and the body and limbs just look odd.
the hair piece is interesting tough


I think it’s a good start. Can’t say this invokes the image of Azura though.

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The lower legs and ankles look a bit weird, but otherwise nice job



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Looks pretty cool.

It’s a picture of Azura. Yes it is from a game, but classical Asuras don’t match this MoC either. To answer the how. Well I just dragged a picture onto the post.

oh wait, got confused and thought the opposite

Actualy it should not be a chracter from a game. The name just popped up in my head while i build this moc

It should not show a character from a game

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I’d suggest looking up what an Asura is if you want to get my point.

Ok looked it up. Sorry about that. Forgot about the name. It just popped up in my head once.

Well i wanted to spell the name azura like this on porpuse actualy. Sorry for the coincidence.

:laughing: No reason to feel sorry. I was just pointing it out.

The proportions are kind of strange. I can’t really figure out why,

I really like the head build.

This has creative concepts but I personally find it a bit lackluster simply due to the ever-present…and this has been said a lot, so don’t kill me…Rahkshi head.

If you worked on it it might eventually come into its own but I don’t really like it for now, on a personal level.

Also, it puts the Ekneck to shame, so HAH to all you non-believers.

…or more specifically those who even were around for Ekneck.