My moc: Fire-Shaman Dave

This is my moc, Shaman Dave.

He is one of the last of his kind, The Forgotten Ones. A species who lived separate to Toa and Matoran, but can not control the elements.

But because of his lack of sanity, (watching your entire people get devoured and burned alive by a volcano is pretty rough), he has learned how to control fire.

(Here’s some more pictures:)

Edit: I’ve made a few changes to him, and now hope he looks better.


Darn volcanos. Pretty good moc btw

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The name strikes awe into my heart.


The detail and build of this MOC is amazing.
The torso is a bit too thin compared to his limbs though


I can see that.

he’s a little thin and has an overload of spikes, but it’s a very good moc

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Very MOCpages-y

Not a fan of the style in general, but the concept and overall shape works here.



I dig it.

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Very nice. This could be how Onua Mistika should have looked.


I thought the spikes went well with the ‘Shaman’ concept.

My turn to provide a verdict.

Has a Color Scheme of Red, Black, and Greys. +10
Tahu '01 Sword. +20
An obvious 100+ MOC. +20

No manly blue nipples. -5 (jk, not included in count)
Visible Blue pins. -5
Visible Red pins. -5
Bare back. -10 (maybe?)

As someone said, the body is scrawny. Good or bad, I’ll let you decide. +/- 0

Verdict: 30. You are among legendary MOCists. (WARNING: Opinion not professional.)

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Felt like you tried to work towards the “shaman” vibe but it doesn’t work out that well. As it is, it’s a nice MOC, but with its fair share of problems. Open sockets in the shins/ankles and open balljoints in the torso, for starters, and some exposed grey TECHNIC in his chest that breaks the color scheme He’s decently well armored from the front, but looks rather bad from the back, the legs and torso have no visible armor. I think what you did with the back of the torso is interesting, but it still needs an armor plate of some kind. The weapon is pretty legit and detailed, that’s probably my favorite part of this MOC. The color scheme is consistent, only broken by the light grey in his chest and ankles.

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This is a pretty good MOC

Although, open sockets on the legs, and the Mata feet you put don’t even match, one’s from 2004, the other from 2008… Just a pet peeve of mine…

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gasp You’re right!


I have similar habits, I just didn’t notice. Also, it’s not my MoC, so I don’t really care. The colors on both Mata feet match, and that’s enough for me.


I like the shoulders and the staff, very shaman like. I also like the color scheme, he looks like he lives near lava, not fire. Great job on this one. I like it! :smile:


Well, thank you for informing me. But now unfortunately some other MOC of mine suffers the same problem due to lack of parts.

Kill it with fire? while you’re at it, why not try to drown a fish? :smirk:

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Just so you know, you’re not allowed to post twice in a row like that. It’s called double posting and clutters up topics. try using the edit button in the future.

As for the MOC, it’s really nice, but I can’t get past the name.

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Nice MOC! Very unique build, colour scheme is very nice and I love it! I would only change some small things.

  • Make it less “technicy”
  • Better waist design
  • Blue pins
  • Less open axels
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The amazing power of logical logic!




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