My MOC for the Makuta Contest

Here is my MoC for the Makuta Contest. It’s my third (or fourth, but I don’t talk about the first one), Constraction MoC, and in general, I don’t seem to do well with them. Still, IMO, this is my best so far, and I’m looking to improve in the future.
Even though I’m sure I won’t win, it’s awesome to have been a part of a BIONICLE contest, and I’m glad that I pulled my resources together to make something I’m proud of.

As I hope to keep getting better with Constraction MoCs, I would love to have constructive criticism (#advantagesofanactiveforum). Thanks!



the torso looks like a bit of a T, the arms and legs are way too thin, and why are his arms and legs splayed out that far?

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Not bad. It’s a bit weird, but it’s alright.

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I quite like it.

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Yeah, I kind of thought that the leg-splaying thing added to the quality of the model, and also, it kind of naturally ended up that way. As for the arms, they’re actually extended from the torso (in other words, it’s like they’re connected on either side of a ‘T’).

Do you have any recommendations as to how I could give bulk to his arms. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned, MoC’ing doesn’t come intuitively to me. :frowning:

Also, thanks!

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Skinny thighs, but I like the menacing silhouette.

The legs are a little skinny, but other than that it looks good!