My MOC Gamma

A Soldier almost as strong as a god and a full arsenal to prove it. Built by the god Zuthour, Gamma is powered by Zuthour’s Great hidden power. His arms are slightly based off of Zerec Zeye’s.

Those are his sides.


bit messy… some pieces don’t mix and the gold ab part doesn’t fit. You don’t have colors to make him more cohesive?

Weapons also sorta feel tacked on. Maybe if the swords had hilts and maybe remove the gun, but that’s my honest opinion


I’ve fixed the problem without reading this I gave him a different weapon and made his legs look better than before. I read about the gold and changed it. I just used black in a previous moc and wanted to get a brighter look in a later one which was this one.

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OY VEY! Not so much but that’s an improvement. Sorta

What would you recommend to improve and how to improve it?

frankly the color distribution is off. Maybe include more trans-green and dark reds, don’t override the blacks and silvers, but add more

I edited his legs again and added more trans-green, but I didn’t know why I needed dark red, I also don’t have any dark red that would fit in that would keep his slender form

he’s turning out real fine, Texture’s sorta clash but he’s looking alright

Pretty okay, keep listening to JMP.

OK I like recommendations for my mocs so I can make them better.

I upgraded the waist and gave him a new arm weapon. I didn’t have the pieces in any other color soooooo yeah.

well, he’s looking fine, though the sword things on his arm are bit awkward. Unless you want to make him look better, add posability or make his arms balljointed instead of swiveling at the elbows, I think he’s good

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I found some dark red pieces and used them on the arms and gave him shields and different swords. Couldn’t make the arms balljointed instead of swivel like you asked, but nothing’s perfect. :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: