My MOC Team

First off, this is probably gonna be pretty long, so you might wanna get a snack or something before you start reading. :wink: Over the past couple months, I took up a side project to sort of get back into MOCing, and I started by finally finishing my Self-MOC and also, making a MOC to represent some close friends of mine that are also into Bionicle (to a degree.) Many hours and bricklink orders later, and it's finally finished! :smiley: There are some things I would change, but for now I'm personally content with how they came out. Now, shall we begin?

I already have a complete topic for Caleros the Sentinel, since he was the first I made, but I'll still show him here.

Chelara, the Valkyrie.

This is the one I would want to change the most, it just feels too simple for my taste, but my ability to make smaller MOC's isn't that great, so it's stick like this. And yes, it's a female.

Randaran, the Soldier.

Personally, he's my favorite of the bunch. It's my first custom-built torso from scratch. Ever. I actually kinda based the basic design off of Master Chief's armor, and it came out how I wanted it to.

Timoruq, the Commando

Probably my least favorite, but I wanted to originally make him gold and red, due to him representing my friend in the Marines. As such, I wanted him to look the toughest of the bunch, so I used a design I used on a MOC long ago, however compared to that MOC, this one doesn't transform. :confused: I kept the shoulder cannons though.

Wesaaru, the Assassin

The last one I made, I was running out of ideas and parts, but I knew I wanted a slimmer, agile look. The top piece on the head was originally intended to come off and be used as a shield, but due to the arm design it didn't work.

Lukota, the Warrior (Self-MOC)

After nearly 10 years of revising it to be more cohesive and complex, this is probably going to be the last version of my Self-MOC for a while. I had to cusotm paint the Mistika torso, since it didn't come in Bright Orange and I refused to mix the Keetorange Yellow and Bright Orange along with the Metru Red, Silver, and Black. It felt cluttered to me. :confused: The toughest part was integrating the Knight's Kingdom armor into the upper arms, as that went through like 5 different versions over the course of a week just to get it done the way I envisioned. Also the sword was made before Lego made that amazing hilt piece introduced on Stormer XL's sword. I just kept the design it had because it looked nice.

Aaaand to finish it off, the whole team united! :smiley:

Yeah, I ran out of room on my shelving unit where I take the pictures of these guys so I took another on my other shelf.
Whew, that was alot of typing. But feel free to leave any comments or criticism below, until next time, my friends! :smile:


all of these guys look nice!

Also somehow I had a MOC sorta just like your assassin guy, blue and white, had a visor, agori/glatorian head, and a hat... weird

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And that is interesting. We're not related, are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice team you got here. They're simple builds, but still effective. My favorite from the bunch is Lukota.

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Even if they are simple, they look pretty cool. My favorite is Lukota, to me he looks like a warrior from Dark Souls. I love that you used those axe pieces as a shield. His color scheme looks pretty cool, too.

I would say that the ones who need a revamp are Chelara and Wesaaru.

Thanks, mate! :smile:

And yeah, I plan on that once I have money to buy enough parts off of Bricklink for a complete overhaul on them. I might also change one of their color schemes and take the white out, probably on Wesaaru. However that might not happen for a bit because I'm currently saving money to have for college, so we'll have to wait and see how that goes. And those absolutely gorgeous 2016 sets are a major temptation, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I do wanna slightly revamp Timoruq too, at least, his left arm.