My new MOC

Hi, I wanted some help on how to call this MOC and some comments on how can I make it better


I like the use of black and white peces along with makuta 08 chest piece I give this moc 9/10 only because of the unescapable red axels

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Thank you

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The waist and crotch look awfully empty and i'm not really a fan of the weapons,but otherwise i guess it's pretty good, for it's simplicity.

The torso could do with being bulked up especially around the waist and stomach area. I actually really like the weapons and their unique look and shape.


  • The color scheme is very consistent
  • The arms/Legs look fine
  • The back-leg spikes look cool sunglasses
  • Torso is a bit too thin
  • I usually don't say this, but the red pins really don't look good with the Black and White(I don't count pins as a part of the color scheme)
  • The torso should have a little white sprinkled in
  • Feet are a bit bland

My rating for this MOC is a 7.5/10.
The MOC looks alright, nothing that breaks it as a model, but it does have a few setbacks that causes it to be mediocre at best.

Greod Job! grinning

OK, and what do you think for a name because I can think of any that doesn´t sound cheesy

@SilcarMaster OK, howa 'bout Ninratos, The Holder of the Night. wink

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I'm not really big on the monotone color-scheme, and the build seems a little lackluster, but it can definitely pass for an 06-08 titan set if it had some more interesting looking weapons.

It's good for a non custom build, it just seems a little bland.

I would have added a highlight color to break it up a little and tried to make some bigger weapons. I like the use of the metrutoran torso to fill in the Makuta-builds chest, and the armoring on the arms and legs.


Well, I asked for feedback to start building a new version, it´s time to work

Not bad! I like the armor layering on the upper arms.

As for a name, how about Trivorax?

Too skinny in the upper torso, too long upper legs, too short lower legs, needs more complexity.

I like him a lot. He looks a little bit skinny, but he is well built.

Does he have a mask?

I don´t understand what you´re talking about, his mask is completely visible, or are you refering to a special mask power?

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Yes. Is it a mask, or is it just his face?

A mask but I hadn´t thought about it