My new self MOC: Toa Lodestar

My self Moc known as Lodestar was heavily inspired by Ekimu the Mask Maker. Especially the Shoulders and shield, but I'm proud of him


There's no pictures

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I just added it

Oh okay, it looks pretty neat but more like an Ekimu revamp.
also I like that background you got there, is it the forge of the mask makers?


Yea! I made it myself out of an old shoebox I also made the front look like Ekimu's tomb

I also used the okotan alphabet to write a code on the front if you can solve it write what it says



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It's okey...too much Ekimu-like tho.


I'm afraid this is an understatement.

This is practically Toa Ekimu with a different set of weapons.

If you want to make this your self MOC you need to have at least something that makes this MOC different than every Toa Ekimu in existence.


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More like an Ekimu revamp than anything. You did a really good job at that! But change it to the trans mask when you get it.

This is very much an Ekimu revamp, but he's still cool!

I'm sorry, but how can this make you proud. You just modded Ekimu and called it a self-MOC it looks like.

I'd say completely redesign it, as it would make you even more proud of him, and the community will appreciate him.

Good luck with the future versions.

Well, I am not gonna play the broken record, but the truth is that this is not really original. I think a different color scheme, mask and weapons could help a lot. A SelfMOC should be like you, and you are a unique human being. so I think your SelfMOC should be like you, unique and original.

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You know what I'm gonna scrap the idea of him being a Self-MOC and redesign a better one!

But I think I can make some good out of this MOC.
In my story Ekimu has a power called Lodestar which increases his size and strength. It can only be activated when the mask of creation is struck. The 2 forms of Lodestar are normal (this Moc) and Extreme (Ekimu the Mask Maker)
I hope you enjoy this backstory, and I will try to build a self MOC



Good to hear! It is always nice when someone takes good constructive criticism to heart and improves.

As an Ekimu revamp, it is a nice one!

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Thought it would be this

But still, a cool moc, even though It looks a lot like Ekimu