My obsession with the number 13

You don't know it, but I know it. I notice the number 13 everywhere.

Like just now, on Shadezy's crystal bonds RP discussion. One of my posts was the 13th one.

I always notice the number in my daily life. 13 people in a room, 13 pens in my backpack, 13 unread topics.

Do you notice similar things like this? I would assume someone has nit picky thoughts about something they seem to experience randomly regularly.


So do you like Friday the 13th? Any Friday the 13th, in any month?

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I don't care much for Friday the 13th. That's too easy of a 13 to notice.

for me it's like 343.


7 is best number.


For me it's 35.

I have no idea why.

Maybe it's the way both of them have parts up top that curve/stick facing outward?

But by that logic, 25, 26, and 36 would all be just as cool.

Maybe it's because 3500 was the ATK of one of my old favorite Yugioh cards: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

This guy.


Gokaiger was the 35th Sentai.

Anyways, with me, that number tends to be 1138. It's everywhere, yet nowhere, at the same time.


I always notice when things are two, three, seven, and fifteen. I actually am diagnosed with OCPD (What the internet confuses with OCD. Similar things, but different.) and so I tend to make these kind of connections a lot. It's a bit of a curse really, because in math class I'm always suppressing the urge to laugh with relief when any of these numbers happens to be the answer.


I don't have an obsession with a specific number, rather with the word 'several'. To me, several ALWAYS mean two. When I say several in a discussion, I always mean two.

It is not a flipping indefinite! Argh people! IT MEANS TWO.

As you can see (read), I feel strongly about this.

Actually... Couple is two, several is anywhere from 5-7... But hey, that's just me.


No no... don't get me started...

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Don't you get me started.

U wanna go m80? /s

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i have an obsession with multiples of five

they're just so amazing


Numbers suck
risebell sucks
13 sucks!



Not really.

SO. 13. What an odd number.

I have the same with 6, 28, and 82.... Also 666

It's like a teenage girl because "it can't even"


I like 864, and if the forums ever get big enough I would like to be number 864 in popularity

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Just've seen my eternal enemy.... 666

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I figured your favorite number would be 8.

'Cause it's 2 potatos on top of each other.

And no other reason...