My Omega Tahu MOC

Heyo fellow biofans! smiley

Today I randomly decided to try and make a replica of Tahu Master Of Fire! I jumped on LDD and used the parts that were available and this is what I came up with!

Please feel free to give your thoughts on it. I would really appreciate it! Also, if you guys feel like making your own Omega Tahu replica I would love to see it! smile


Pretty accurate! Course the colors are off because of LDD but hey that's something you can't really fix stuck_out_tongue

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Why is there dark red?

LDD has a hau?


LDD doesn't have a normal red for certain pieces :frowning:


Ikr? I was really surprised to find the star's hau on it!

You can change the colors, when you open the application instead of clicking the "free build" immediatly, click the black option, that will allow you to change the colors to whatever you want, with the color palette

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Do LDD extended (the black tab) you can choose what color a part should be from a majority in existence.


@ENDfilms @Veltraxx

Thanks you guys!! I'll change the color later today, take down the old pictures, and put in the new ones wink