My Original Self MOC: BrickHeadz

(Lego totally used my name) So I’ve now been on the boards for an entire year and to celebrate I thought I’d upload two of my self MOCs, one today and one tomorrow, starting with my very first (built before I was even really part of the community): BrickHeadz.

I built this quite a few years back when I (even though having not joined any Lego communities) went by the name da_BrickHeadz, hence the name BrickHeadz. Even though it does have some flaws I think it’s quite a good MOC for my ability at the time (Though my MOCing skills has improved greatly since I first built this). The upper arm design I carried on to the original version of Calamari, as well as the lower torso.




Other side

Action poses

Over the course of the year I’ve had a greet time on the boards and as part of this community, and I hope I will have as a good time in the years to come.

Please tell me what you think!


Simple, but clean. Other than maybe putting some yellow on the legs, there isn’t much that I would do to this one. Nice job. :thumbsup:

Leaked image of lego’s new brickheads theme

Joke aside, this is a pretty creative idea, keep up the good work :+1:

Too bad there aren’t Mata feet in that shade of yellow.

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The yellow needs to be spread out more, but overall the design is very creative.

Lego is a THEIF. A THIEF!!!

well that explain the G1 esthetics

The build is a “custom standard” of decent, but I wish you used a diffrent arms or put side coverage-

replaces the head with this and sticks on mixel eyes