My Red Star zombie. Matoro's new body upgrad plus new crab crawl.

I know I’m late to this but this is what I’ve been working on and waiting to reveal as it took me a while to get the parts I needed to finish the moc. But I’m overall proud of how it turned out. And I hope you all enjoy this. Behind my zombie. He was a Makuta but had fallen victim to the Red Star plague. Now “IT” is on bota magma waiting for its next victim to find and devour.

This is what I base my red star zombie off of.

Here’s he is fighting against the iron golem.

These three 3D printed pieces were modified and painted by creative machines. He is a great seller on Etsy and does take custom orders but is currently backed up righ now so you all know.
These are the original files If you ever want to have a custom-made file he is the guy you want to talk too.

Here’s a promo to the store as my little addition as well.

Here’s put the hands look like up close.

Hope you all enjoy all views and up close pictures of my Leaper. :grin::+1:
So you guys want more fight scene’s? Alright here’s Bellum going against the leaper

Top and bottom view of him leaving the seen.

I just upgraded this one a bit more and I think it’s going pretty well. Also for future zombie Bionicle project I will be making the Twitcher a hybrid female Makuta zombie like shatore but a Makuta instead of a Toa. Anyways here’s the new style.

I’ve been working on the moc a bit more and I think it gets closer to what I’m looking for and here’s all the new features added

Here’s the + Makuta Vita vs the Leaper zombie.

He seems to recognize the disfigured creature.

He activates his kanohi olmak and huts off the upper body.

I will update again when get a chance. Hope you all enjoy :grin::+1:


Nice! I like the colors here. I don’t see too many people using the tan CCBS parts, so it’s great to see them used well!


Oww my :open_mouth: Now thats impressive, making a leaper was a great idea and I love what you did with the Makuta themed Tryna and the chest armour and tail blade so much.


@Alucia thank you :blush:.I hope to make more variance in the future. Also creative machines helped me modify the files for the blade, chest plate and mask. He also painted these ones pacifically. If you send him a file for something you want to look more zombie like I highly recommend him.


Amazing ! :ok_hand:
The shape, the colors, everything really capture the essence of what a zombie could look like in the bionicle universe. The fact that it was a Makuta makes him more terrifying. The building techniques are pretty solid as well.

Thank you also for using the shadow knight’s sword. You are the first mocist I saw using a physical version of one of my custom parts :+1:


@Scmd1999 thank you very much. If you look closely the sword has been given hidden details in the blade to make it more bone like. It’s not the only moc using them in. You’ll just have to wait and see :wink:


Effectively, it’s pretty well done.
Can’t wait to see your next creations :+1:


When word got out that there was a RSZ contest, I was hoping to see at least one Necromorph inspired MOC and Mata Nui (or Altman if you prefer), does this deliver.

I mean seriously, you took the Leaper with the intention to translate it through constraction and did it to a T. :open_mouth:

I really enjoy the way you portrayed the protuding bone and fleshy bits, the tail and torso build are extremely neat, and the custom pieces are nicely done/implemented. The tryna with the pupil-less eyes are spot-on as well. I’d really love to see your takes on other Necromorph forms like the Regenerator types, Brutes, etc.


I plan too. It’s just the Etsy seller is not taking custom Bionicle orders right now. Which sucks because I was planning on making a twitcher. The fast one’s.

It would look completely different in build wise


Not gunna lie, kind glad lol Twitchers are freaking terrifying. xD


Unironically my favorite ones, love their WWRAABBGGHUDUGDHGHGH


I didn’t see this at first but now I really wanna see you interpret Isaac into this medium.


Interested to see how one might tackle the RIG and Stasis module.


If you check out this post again I added some new pictures.


@Connor_Hoffman this is the main inspiration of the armor sword and mask. @BenCossy this is what I would have built sooner but work got ahead of me.


I know there’s a dead space CCBS head on shapeways but I don’t know how well it will work. If you know someone who can recreate his helmets into either a glatorian helmet or kanohi mask I definitely could. I’m thinking either about a Toa version of Isaac or something older. Not sure yet.


@Rothanak do you think you can make zombified kanohi mask’s like these?


I don’t know anyone that would other than maybe Rothanak.
They made an element lord of earth helm that does have a bit of an Isaac feel.

I think there are a couple of others but I don’t have time to look for the right now.


I would as a commission, but not otherwise. I’m not that into zombies


Okay if I give you a file could you make it look more of a like a twitcher. It will also need more rotting flesh too

This will need more crooked fangs on the inside and I’m thinking inside the mandibles as well.