My revamp of the canon Helryx

This is my reinterpretation of the official Helryx MOC

To build this I used my original entry in the first TTV Canonisation Contest as a base and adapted it to look more like the entry that had won the contest. I didn’t want it to look like the official MOC just with a few fixes, I wanted it to have the key elements of that one, but still be its own thing. I also tried to keep the distribution of blue elements the same.

Here’s a comparison of this MOC with the canon Helryx (on the left) and with my original entry (on the right)

And finally, some more pics

If you want to see some beautiful photos of this MOC, check this out: Snowy photography of Helryx

That’s it for now, let me know what you think!


I’d say this a definite improvement over your first Helryx moc. I’m not sure if I like it as much as the winning moc, but I wouldn’t have been upset if this had won instead.

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How does that knee joint work?


It’s dark magic (rubber bands)


that is genius man!

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It almost feels like any Helryx MOC is better than the one that actually got canonized…


The legs are quite unconventional, but look cool nonetheless.

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Very cool!

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Really enjoy the use of the Macku Hunas on her shoulders!


That leg design is blowing me away. Wow.


Cool moc

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That is an awesome upper leg design i like this moc very much, and its sad that canon moc is just an ugly hunchback.


Great use of the thornax launchers also is that a mega blocks piece in the torso I see? if so then great use as well.

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Thank you!

I used only the official Lego parts in this build, so maybe what you saw there was an upside down Tohunga foot in sand blue?

Oh no I meant the piece with the spring. But i guess that was an official LEGO piece after after all. I just had a bunch of those spring pieces from a bulk mega blocks pieces bag that I got as a kid. So they just stood out to me.

@TheShadowedOne1 TheshadowedOne1 did not know you were on the boards. Big fan, keep up the good work.