My Sad Bionicle Story (Comic)

Surprise! I did it early! So ya, this actually happened.

And if for some reason you don't believe me, here's the actual set itself:

After I found out that the legs were broken, my cousin used some extra pieces to fix them. Sadely, they were not Metru red. Some pieces broke off over time.

And one last thing, if you look at my head upside-down, it looks like a creepy mustache wearing robot. Something that I wanted to point out.

(Oh btw, would you guys like to see some of my sketches on a separate topic when I draw something non- bionicle related? I don't know if that's OK, so if you want to, tell me!)

Well, until next time! 😆


Your a pretty good artist, I'd like to see more of your work

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Sad story indeed. I wonder how many other kids cried after their joints inevitably broke. Why Lego. Did you really have to cut down on plastic quality. :unamused:

One other thing...

I am legitimately creeped out by that sun


(Good comic as well)


Sounds like what happened to my cousin's Matoro.

Except he broke them at the ball joint.

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I feel you bro-that also was one of my favorite (and first) sets, and he broke in the same places. And then to add insult to injury, my neighbor dog chewed up his mask. I know what it feels like.

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Inika or Mahri?

Man, that sucks.

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This is pretty cool looking art. :smile:

rip in piece tahu

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similar thing happened to my tanma


Mmm whatcha sayyyyy
Mistika Tahu was okay. Nice doodles, also.


Ya, but when I was at that age, he was my favorite set. Looking back, I think he's a good set, not great.

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This story was 2Sad4Me

I've decided never to throw rocks at things ever again


I'm still throwing rocks at my toys. If they brake, that's their own fault for not moving out of the way.


I love how expressive your art is

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