My Secondary Self Moc, Rex (Power Suit)

General info: Rex lives in the Onu-region of Okoto. In the following pics, he is wearing his metallic armor. I am currently working on an unarmored version of the dude, who sports a black Akaku 2015, so I gotta paint that and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Looks a little stiff, but is also really solid. Nice.

also he looks really clean how come I see no smudges


He doesn’t look all too special, and really I don’t really get a ‘power armor’ vibe from him. It’s just like ‘give him metallic colors and call it power armor’.

I’d like to see a bit more bulk, and maybe some armor things that come off of him or something.

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I really like this.

Really neat, I like it. Would you
Mind releasing a tutorial on the chest and back?

Sadly, he was scrapped for ball joints…

I’m pretty sure it’s just a stick, though.

Yeah I hear you that happens a lot.