My Self-MOC 3.0 (The Gaiking Ripoff)

Welp, decided to make this lil’ bugger:

Presenting Daikyu-Mar- I mean, Go Daikyu
(Get it? “Go” from Go Nagai, the one who created Gaiking?)


Tarakao! Nooooova!

And here’s a little guy created thanks to this, Kultar:

Group shot!

C&C welcome


Honestly it’s very much of a mess. I have no idea what’s going on here. Maybe it’s your thing, but I’m not a fan.


The most I can get is that the 2 components are opposite colors with gold as the center which I like the idea but the execution is an absolute mess. I can’t even tell if this is a parts forming mech or an anime combining mech from the combination of the messy build and the weird pictures.

Yea, expect a redo tomorrow. It’s late enough as-is, and I’m not repeating a Shin Mazinger Z- style incident again.

Looks really messy and weird but the transforming is cool i guess.

Yea, I’m gonna clean this guy up in a min.

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I love the look, but the colors don’t help it.

I’ve stared at this for so long. I still can’t understand it.