My Self MOC: Aroxx, Warrior of Shadows

Aroxx, Worrior of Shadows
Type: Normal
Status: Alive
Skills(please read backstory first): Super speed, transport throuh parellel universes

Backstory: About a thousand years ago in Japan, Aroxx joined a samurai guild called entlightened. This Guild was created by the sensai of Aroxx called Shen. The Guild was made to bring Japan to the Light side. But, where light is, is darkness. A Ninja clan called Hei´an attacked a village near Aroxx´s Guild Headquarters.
The two clans Clashed at the front of the unknown village. Aroxx was still not a full samurai warrior, so he couldn´t hold on that easily. A couple of hours later the whole clan was caught, just Aroxx could escape. He was than captured as he tried to go out of the village. They laid him on the ground and let his whole guild hang just in front of him. After that they gave him two options. 1: he can join their ninja Clan or 2: he would get hanged too. His anger made him strong and he tried to stand up and kill everyone of them. Well thats what it felt like for him. Right after he stood up one of the clans mates striked a punch right in his chest. He than discovered a much more bigger emotion: Greed. He had greed to want the same abilities, so he decided to be a mate of the clan Hei´an (wich means darkness in chinese). a thousand years later…he is now the person that you see, a light armoured person with a one handed sword. He discovered more abilities like super sonic speed AT WILL. he even can travel through parellel Universes. With the dark power he got now, he could be unstoppeble. Well almost, his power is just to instable, that means that if he tries to use his whole power, like in a overdrive mode, he wouldn´t control himself. He never tried his overdrive mode, and for now he don´t want to discover it.


Moved to lego creations pls

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Very dark pics, but from what I can see,

Simple build with severely clashing textures,
Doesn’t look human in the slightest, barely looks humanoid with that bestial-looking head and lanky kong arms,
Bland “hero of my own story” backstory,

Not great to say the least.