My self moc, Detox!

Meet Detox, leader of the Rogue Toa and son of Makuta! As his saying goes...


that's pretty cool. I wish I could make titan MOCs. it's difficult.

Thanks @Matoro it took me about a week to decide how the pieces would and then build him. I did cross some bumps along the way so he's not the sturdiest moc. ~Detox

Cool the way the colors clash works well with this moc. The only thing that becomes a distraction with this mic is the long arm piece on the torso. But overall it's very interesting and creative. Keep it up!

I'm always a fan of that head design.



Yes I have been told in the past that Detox is a popular name. I did not chose the name, a follower of mine on Instagram did but then I renamed him Pyrox after a dramatic story. ~Pyrox

Ah, okay.

That's also a Hero Factory set's name. Interesting MOC. although I don't really like the waist, with the empty sockets, as well as the piece disrupting the flow in general. I'm not feeling the multiple shades of yellow, though. For an Inikabuild frame though it's good, although the head design could be a bit more creative.

I'm receiving a red Kakama through bricklink so that'll fix the head. Never really paid any attention to the Hero Factory set names but I'm glad I changed it.

really, I love the head design. it adds so much personality that a regular head and mask configuration wouldn't do

Thanks, Matoro! ~Pyrox

Well first of all I meant there was a HF set named Pyrox. But as for the head, I'd actually recommend a custom head that isn't just a Bohrok Va head. The original version of my Self-MOC Ekorak, which can be found here, used what was not much more than a souped up Nuvohk Va head, and in the next version, I ended up going with a full on custom technic head, which has stayed for quite some time. Ah well. It's a bit of a nipick anyway.

Oh ok, good thing someone didn't name there self moc Pyrox, I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that there's a Hero Factory set called Pyrox. And thanks but I've already decided on my mask. Although you're original version self moc mask was boss! ~Pyrox

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