My Self-MOC Drovisk V4.5

Hey I'm Toa drovisk u can just call me drovisk I have the power of ice and sonics thanks to me wishing upon a black star to make me a Toa if sonics but since I was a ko matoran I got both powers on the left is my double no back story on him yet


Photo is small, but the build looks good.

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More pics would be appreciated. :3

that will happen soon

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little too much greebling in the chest compared to the rest of it, but overall looks good.


Feet are a bit underwhelming tho

Image quality blurry.
No back shot.
Good color scheme.
Lack of story.


This looks really awesome, I quite like it. Very nicely done. I just love the way this looks. The white and the gold is awesome. Good job! :smile:

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Oh trust me there r gonna be more pics and a great story I already have the story on my youtube channel but I will post it on here soon

And yes much better image quality

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This looks frickin awesome

I like the breastplate.

the MOC itself loses points just because of the camera and no backstory, gives 6/10 on that merit


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This is great! I always love masks of weird colors like your white Miru or a red Kaukau, so it gets bonus points for that! The gold looks great and so do the swords, but the sheild is a bit bland compared to everything else, I'd give it a 7/10 great job!

Update:10 more min for more pics and story (to the mods this is not double posting just a update for people to know when I'm releasing more pictures)

Well this is awkward but how do I put pictures on in the mobile version

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yeah that's not how it works XD
it only counts as an update if the post comes AFTER your last post.

In the bottom right corner there is a button that says upload, or Atleast that's how it works on iPhone 6

Looks good, but the gold is a bit concentrated.

Woah! You made two? That's awesome!

This is pretty kewl

i like the chestplate

Thank you all for your feedback it is highly