My Self Moc HellBent King Of Hellfire

This is my self moc HellBent King of hellfire but before the dramatic change into a hell spawn he has once a beautiful angel named egel angel of light


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You really need to clean up your backdrop, it makes the MOC very difficult to view.

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yeah its hard to tell whats going on with the moc with all thats in the back, and it doesn’t help that you’re shooting into a mirror.

The first thing that I can say could be fixed are the hands, the thumb should NOT be that far back.


Ummm, you sorta appear in some of the pictures…

The torso appears a bit long and the legs appear a bit short.

So… he’s Lucifer?

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Lucifer is one angel, there are many angels that were turned into demons.

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But why did he change into a hell spawn?

The moc itself looks pretty neat, but the orange thumbs stick out

This is a decent MOC, but it seems really edgy.
i don’t know if that’s criticism

This is origen of HellBent LONG ago before the great beings and before time there was noting. Nothing but monsters these monsters where known as demons but a second kind of creatures lived with them they where known as angels the void was split in to two these realms where own as heaven and hell. Heaven was ruled by the wisest angel but hell was ruled by the strongest demon satan. the two sides where at constant war so the angels had one of there kind that would travel hell and deliver messages this angel was known as egal angel of light but one day satan started a war between the realms it was a horrible battle but after two mortal weeks the battle was over thanks to egal killing satan the king of demons but in doing so satans daughter meela dragged him to hell where he was beaten up and wiped and stabbed until he had just about had it and give up his soul to survive but that was there plan and he fell for it.
because when an angel gives up there soul they become a hellspawn and when your a hellspawn you forget your former life. meela was pleased by this because they now had the most powerful angel now a hellspawn working with them.

This story told a lot about HellBents origen story yet is to be explained but all will be told soon