My Self-MOC, Lucem

Hey all, I actually just recently joined, and I thought I would go ahead and post my Self-MOC.

He is Lucem, Toa of Twilight.

If you want to see more pictures of the MOC and his backstory, head on over to his MOCpages page.

EDIT: Lucem has been updated. Go here to see the new version.


I don't see much "Twilight" in the color scheme. Blue, Gunmetal, and bits of orange don't strike me as those sort of colors. The MOC itself is still very nice looking, I just dunno if the description fits the appearance.

Really nice custom head, also. Just noticed that, actually.

He's a Toa of Twilight because he has both light and shadow powers. Originally, he was just a Toa of Light, but a few friends told me that the colors were closer to that of a Matoran of Shadow, so I decided to make him a Toa of both light and shadow.

He is technically a Toa of Light with a bit of shadow powers, so he is still able to change his colors, thus the blue and orange.

Nice job, have you seen the TTV Chronicles yet? It has you in it.

Really? Got a link?

It's under the literature forum here


no problem