My Self-MOC, Matoran Taryukyo

This my Bionicle Self-MOC! His name is "Taryukyo". Ta because fire and ryukyo is kyoryu (as in KyoryuYellow1138), except I switched the syllables for some reason. He has a pretty basic build because of my relatively small collection. Excuse the lighting, I don't have the same fancy setup as Eljay. I am open to criticism as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! See what I did there? I made a LEGO pun! (Srsly tough, constructive criticism is welcome, but no insults or blind rage) Anyways, here he is!

Like I said, basic build, with the HF short ball joints, Mata hands, and Bohrok feet. The scythe uses a piece from Stormer 2.0, and very likely, a few other sets, a 12 stud long axle, and an axle connector with a hole in the middle.

Here he is without the scythe, and you can get a better look at his sorta creative torso design!

Obligatory back view.

Obligatory side view.

Comparison with Turaga Vakama and Tahu Mata.

Backstory: Taryukyo is a humorous, wise, but weak Ta Matoran from Ta Koro who stumbles upon a protosteel scythe one day on a visit to Le Koro. He encounters a few rahi soon after, and defeats them with the scythe, which soon becomes his favorite toy.

his scythe is his toy..... * backs away slowly *


But... none of the Shinkengers have a scythe!

I like him! I've always tried Matoran but I never get the bod right.

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I can't get bod's right either.

The design of the body is cool, I like it. Nice use of the HF Limbs to keep it colour consistent.

UPDATE #1: Le Scythe

Soooooooooooooo just wanted to show you guys a change I made Taryukyo's scythe. Enjoy!

As you can see, it's slightly more intricate! What do you guys think?


Update 2: Scythe Storage and Swords
Now the scythe has a place to be stored! And I gave him swords.

Between the last update and now, I saw RWBY, I took some aspects of Crescent Rose, and added them to my own scythe. Well, it can't turn into a sniper rifle, but it can collapse for storage, as you can see here.

Back view.

Holding the scythe in storage mode.

Holding the scythe in battle mode.

Back view without the scythe.

The swords I mentioned earlier.
What do you guys think?


Nice body design. Mind if I try it out? I'll have to take a few obligatory creative liberties, but other than that can I? It looks nice and skinny. Like, really skinny. Like me. XD


Feel free to do so. You don't even have to give me credit, although that would be well-appreciated.

(Although it's been a good two months since you left that comment)

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This little guy is adorable and cool
The scythe is simple but it works well same with the torso

My only complaint is that horse video, it's weird...

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