My Self MOC. Not Much to Say About it

This is my self moc I made like a year ago though just changed a bit to make it more custom with less. He has dual cordak blasters and a spare cannon and spear for when those run out of ammo.

this is the back (obviously). cool pose


Very nice Moc, but you should armor up the shins a bit.

Does that blaster shoot?

Changed title

Pretty cool, but I'm not that good of a critique, so I'll let someone else point out ways to improve or something.

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I think he looks pretty good

I really like that unique body design! I just wish he had a different head.

Yah all the blasters shoot

@Chronicler: Yah me too just don have a whole lot of different ones

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Sup brah, give this topic a whirl.


not gonna steal that zamor sphere shooter at all...
nice moc really cool torso build



So I just threw together a zamor shooter similar to yours... It barely shoots. Why would you lie to us vicroen, WHY?!?! breaks out into tears WHY'D YA DO IT MAN. WHY!!!!!!


Well mine shoots just as well as the zamor launchers with two prongs sssoooo.........

very bassic but oww dyaammmm does it look nice. some times basic just hits all the right place's bruv

I dig the bulky look. reminds me of ironside from transformers

Thanks guys


  • Consistent color scheme all the way
  • The arms seems to have been built pretty well
  • Definitely armed to the teeth; I Like the Spear
  • The lower legs look too puny because of the thigh armor
  • The beam in the shoulders makes it look more skeletal(you could try to add some sort of armor)
  • The lower legs and feet need some sort of silver as it is nothing but dark gray
    -The exposed balljoints on the cordak blasters really gives them an unfinished look

My overall rating is an 8.5/10.
The MOC looks really Good, but the legs and upper torso hold it back from having a perfect score.
Good Job! smile