My Self-Moc : Pyren

I've seen a lot of topics about Self-Mocs so here's mine!


Can you please post more pics of it?
Ex back, legs, etc


Very basic built from the looks of it. I'll withhold judgement until we get more pictures.


agreed with Ekorak, the build seems simple but I can't really judge till more pics are posted...

The torso pistons look odd but the rest seems fairly simple and consistent.


Basically the only 'trend topic' I support.

Well done, the Kanohi really fits.

Self-MOCs have been a trend for a long time all across the community, I'd think it a bit silly to be banned here along with the other trend topics. stuck_out_tongue


I know they have.

Sorry, couldn't resist, love HTTYD.

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I know you know that. I was simply agreeing with you and backing up your assertion. wink

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Given his name I was expecting something fire related

Not everyone needs their MOC names to literally describe the powers of the character, Thunderduck. wink

I like the custom torso it has. Well, I like custom torsos in general, I suppose, but this one's cool.

I know it's a very simple build but I am completly fine with that.

So vote yes or no if you agree with me.

Still havent seen the rest of it, so I cant say anything

Here are some pictures of the legs and the back.


okay, first off
the bottom legs on the bottom legs look wierd, the upper legs are simple, body is pretty cool, still a little simple
and arms are cool but simple
looks nice, and simple
I like


Good to know.
I just wanted to add some extra bulk to the lower legs with those arm pieces on the Inika legs. (I do think they look a bit weird but it is not a major problem for me.)

I do enjoy this moc as well. Legs could use some work though.

I beg to differ, I like the lower legs, actually.

but those exposed ball-joint though....