My self MoC(s)! Enig and Enigmix

Welcome to this thing y'all!

These are Enig and Enigmix, 2 people inhabiting one body, and two thirds of the founders of the Company of the Ignika. so many ofs
Please note that these are the same body, only with some variations.

A former Toa of air (now shadow) Enig uses the Kanohi Hia, the mask of imitation, which allows the wearer to utilize the powers of any other mask that they have touched. Enig is funny and good natured, though sometimes hard to get along with. He is cheerful and kind despite his dark past (which i may elaborate on when i get the time).



Other poses

He has a sword

Existing only because of a freak accident, Enigmix has many of the same abilities as Enig, only with a lot more bloodlust and a lot less remorse. He is a destructive and whimsical psychopath with little to no care for the lives and wellbeing of others. The only thing keeping him from killing everything in sight is the will of his "brother" Enig.



Other poses

He has a hat!

Well, I hope you enjoyed! See y'all soon!


The limbs on both models need a lot of bulk.

Too skinny, but a good concept.

They do have custom limbs but those are pretty un-armored and theres many red and blue pins sticking out anywhere.

Little OP don't you think? that means if he touches an olmak he will always have that power, as well as any other mask that is good.

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I do have armor for their arms, but I currently don't have access to those photos at the moment.

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Oh my that's a lot of red and blue pins...

I think that these guys really need a lot more armor and bulk to them. They look very unfinished at the moment.

Yes, the pins need to be fixed, only my parts (especially Technic) are extremely limited at this time.
As for the mask, the more powerful the Kanohi, the less control he has over it. Actually the story and adventures of my characters rely very much on this fact.

Its OP cause he can have multiple masks I assume he can only use one at a time, but he can still have loads of powers with just one mask.

oh god this is the toa of open pins and axles, the concept is not bad, but it is poorly executed

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Actually it's the Toa of blue pins, but I can see how you could've been confused.

The MOCs looks very exposed, but I like the texture and personality it gives them!
Also, that sword looks amazing!!!

Bugger boi wears a cowboy haterino