My Self-MOC

So, here´s my self-MOC: Toa Waster.

I´ll edit this post when I update the MOC.

I don´t have many pieces, and this is the first MOC I make, so please give me feedback.



It's pretty simple, but I like it.
The color scheme is also very consistent, which is always a plus.

The chest seems to leave a gap and thats the only thing that appears to stick out from the entire moc due to the lack of gunmetal (beside the lower legs).
The foot blade is questionable-

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Don´t worry, I fixed the chest already.
The foot blades aren´t always on. They´re glidey-things he puts on to glide. Like rocket boot-wing-things.
Thanks for your feedback, though.

Thanks for your encouraging words, Toa_Distraxx. I really appreciate it. Most MOCs are really complex and less skilled MOC makers like myself can´t compete with that.

The weapon's a bit long.

That's the only real flaw.

I heard complaints about the weapon before, and I am currently trying to fix it. Any suggestions?

Sorry haha I didn't read the last post :rolling_eyes:

For the weapon, I'd suggest making it either a one handed staff or just making it shorter and removing the axe part to make it just a blade.

This should do the trick.

Also, previously, a gap on the torso was mentioned. That gap has been moved to the back plate, a standard black CCBS torso piece. This gap can actually hold the staff when it´s not on Waster´s hand, and looks quite nice, actually.

I also forgot to mention... did anyone take notice of the little daggers he´s got on his upper leg plates? He can take those and fight with them, as well.

What do you think?


As I said on the other topic, this is a pretty decent MOC but the weapon is too long.

I already shortened it, should I keep shortening it still?

Nope, it looks good.

Pretty cool. You definitely got a colour scheme going but I feel it needs to be improved upon. The gold is good but maybe more neon-red for the legs? Besides that, not much else I can say, pretty solid overall.

Thanks. The neon red is actually there to represent the time-space energy flowing on him, and it wouldn´t really make too much sense on the legs. But, I guess I can always give it a go.

Also, yes, that would mean Waster´s the Toa of Time-Space. It´s not as OP as it sounds.

Update: Looks like I can´t use neon red in the legs because the pieces I have for neon red would make the legs too short and I think the pieces I am currently using don´t exist in neon red...?

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Looks good. The color scheme is very cool and I like the use of the gold Stars Hau. The weapons are standard but look good with the figure. The only thing I wonder about are the blades on the feet. You could also maybe make the legs a little longer.

Nice little simple MOC. I think the weapon is to big. It's better than my first MOC that I made a couple of years ago I didn't post..

You didn´t read any replies, did you? The blades aren´t always there. They´re things the MOC puts on to fly sometimes.

Well, is the legs thing your only problem? I don´t have many pieces, please give me some ideas.

@Blue_Robots , I fixed the weapon. Here it is:

I also added a secondary weapon for good measure. Is that bad?

And I updated the topic with this last image for less confusion.

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Oh, I must have missed those replies. Then the blades work.

I just thought that you could use some longer bone pieces in the legs, but if you don't have those, it's totally fine. The MOC looks good as is.

Thanks for your feedback. I´ll try to see how I fix this.

Actually, I found the pieces to make the legs longer!