My Self MOCs: Primal Warrior Warrius and William, Toa of Iron

So I finally made my Toa Self MOC and I edited Warrius:

I made Warrius less bulky from his original version
But his story is still the same.

My Toa MOC is a Toa of Iron with an Akaku.

So how does the Toa of Iron exist then when Warrius already exists? The Toa of Iron version of me exists in another universe. He, in his human form, uses a machine to transfer his mind into the toa body temporarily.

Here is some other pics of the Toa of Iron self MOC

I know, this is the air saber. But for me this, this is the iron sword.


Ok, but its basicaly inika build with addons!


Well I did have another design already built, but it was a bit complicated and it made my Toa Of Iron MOC look like G2 Onua (nothing against G2 Onua, it's just that it was not what I was going for). Plus I like the inika build.

Yes, I was going for the Inika build with the Toa of Iron. I like the build and the previous build was a little too complex.

You'll get allot of h8 for that statement, just saying... I personally don't mind it when people use the inika build, but it is a bit simple. Anyway, I feel as if the deviations from the inika build you did use are a bit clunky, since he is so simple.

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I think the inika build is fine, as long as you do something absolutely creative with it.


I like both of them both are unique in different ways and While the toa of Iron is simple, it looks nice

another self moc to the 'special silver self moc' club

or something

Just to let you know I'm really only good at inika builds or 08 body builds, and there is nothing wrong with it, if you use it right!

It's true that's how I usually make my bionicles

I really can't say anything about William. The build is incredibly generic. If that's the look you were going for, great, but he's incredibly generic, and the colors don't help either, being just as if not more generic.