My Take on Skull Scorpio

I can post some pictures of it taken apart, yes. Did you want to know about the body or the tail function specifically?

really i would like to know everything. i really want to know how to make it just like you did. just snipits so i can see how its built

also the parts needed

Rather than putting up a bunch of pictures to show the assembly, I just recorded a little video to show the tricky parts. It should be up within the next half hour or so.

Edit: Correction. Due to Youtube upload speeds, it’ll probably be more like two hours.

i cant find it on your channel :confused:

it says the scorpio tail demonstration video is unlisted and only those with the link can see it so maybe you need to post the link to the instruction one otherwise it wont show up? i dunno im just guessing

Looks so cool
No offence to Jang, but this is better than Jangs version

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Not only does it have a color scheme that stays true to the original Scorpio, but this stinger captures the Skull Scorpio look very well, something that Jang completely missed.

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this is the best revamp I have seen so far

Good job man.

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10/10 love V.2 man

update: my modem conked out last night, now have internet back, will upload ‘how-to’ video tonight. Made demonstration video listed.


Aaannnd it’s up!


I know. Jangs was also too blocky for me


This is incredible! The only thing I would have done differently is make his tail silver, and add another one of those new axe things on the end, so he looks how he does in the animations.

Oh, Wow! That looks great! The function looks great, but the tail still needs to be silver…

So much better than the one Jang made. Eurgh, that one is SO awful…


To make it silver, I’d just add on different armor shells. Beauty of CCBS :smile:

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Yeah, CCBS is pretty great. :smile:

I can’t tell you how many times I wished the Rahkshi lower leg came in a different colour…

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probably CCBS’s greatest pro

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When I was building this MOC:, I was really stunned to find that Rahkshi lower legs didn’t come in white… I was trying to emulate this picture: on canister set scale.

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Why were you trying to use Rahkshi legs for that MOC? In the art thing it looks like Hero Factory 1.0 leg armor.

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Hero Factory parts didn’t really come to mind, honestly. I pretty much stayed away from that line, and even Lego in general, until Bionicle returned.