My thoughts about the origins of the new toa

Okay, So you know how in the animations, there is a scene were the narrator shows a picture of six planets? he says "the stars will align" referring to the six planets. According to the video, Each toa cam from their elemental planet respectively. What if.. just what if these planets were created by the Elemental lords? Now before you jump my back and say "they are not going to bring back old characters." I already know that. But technically, they are not even characters. The Lords are mentioned briefly in 1 comic, and a graphic novel. And only 2 pictures are known about them. I think the element Lords created planets (after the Makuta/mata nui battle. To show that they still governed each element. And maybe through many years of conflict war brok out on spherus magna. Then far in the future, the conflict is resolved by the lords banishing the toa to each of their assigned element planets, to sleep until needed again. Thousands of years later, the toa are summoned to okoto. An island divided by its Elements.

What do you think?

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The video actually doesn't say they came from the planets, just so happens that there are six planets coloured like the elements

Actually they are discussed in great length in a few of the serials. To summarize, I don't think planet-building is in their job description.

More information here:

The Element Lords are most certainly characters. Not ones that we saw frequently "in person" perhaps... but they were characters. That'd be like saying that the Makuta of Stelt or the Nynrah Ghosts didn't exist. stuck_out_tongue

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Interesting but I find it very unlikely.

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It is definitely an interesting idea but i think the Element lords are a little too obscure to bring in to gen 2.
Although I did notice the new Toa came as meteors WITHOUT canisters so your idea has not been ruled out yet.


Well, I... don't really know how that would be the factor to deny the theory... but also accurate.

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I actually read the biosecto1 wiki page before I made the post LOL. But either way the Lords aren't really known that well to the general community. I don't know, it just seems like there is a missing peice to the puzzle of were the toa came. from. Just a theory wink

@StudentScissors Probably right, just some interesting thoughts I wanted to share to get youre thinking cap on.

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In the time before time, Spherus Magna exploded into six elemental planets for no apparent reason.

That actually wouldn't surprise me.


That's really the whole point though. LEGO isn't going to reveal every single why or how in the story they literally just started. That would take away one of the key factors to BIOINCLE's initial success: The mystery.

Also, I must respectfully disagree with this, as, like others have said, the Element Lords are pretty obscure for those who were just surface level buyers. Not to mention the fact that those guys are basically exclusive to Bara/Spherus Magna and had no means of getting off planet.

Also, ya know, that.


If I remember correctly, there were plans to make the Elemental Lords sets, but the idea was scarped. So I guess LEGO was planning on showcasing them but never did.

But ya, I agree with what you said.

It would explain different size of planets....