My unfinished Journey's End Rewrite

So, a few years ago I did a bit of a fan rewrite of Journey’s End for fun, just to mess around. I never did finish it, though (I hadn’t quite written the aftermath of the big battle), and if I ever do a proper rewrite, I’d like to do a new one entirely.
Still, for fun, I figured I might as well post it online to give it the light of day, and this seemed the best place to do so. It follows the general idea, but with quite a few notable changes to make the battle seem more climactic and final.
And yes, I get some things are bit inaccurate (such as Rhotuka having an effect on Glatorian) but this was made before we got those answers. It’s not the best thing in the world, and the writing could use some improvement, but since I don’t plan to rewrite this any time soon (I will eventually, but I have a lot of projects going on), I thought this might be fun.
So, here’s the first part;

Gresh and his strike force team of glatorian and agori traveled through the cliffs, not bothering to be stealthy, as since the giant above wouldn’t have noticed if they began clanging their shields and singing Naming Day songs at the top of their lungs.
The Tesara glatorian had been born several years after the Core War that shattered Spherus Magna into three pieces. By then, gravity was already forming the fragments, molding them into new, spherical shapes. Because of this, drastic environmental changes occurred and the largest portion, Bara Magna, which was already mostly desert, lost its last luscious field.
He started off as an impressive glatorian, his first loss against Branar of the Skrall, which was no shame; the Skrall had been undefeated. Then they attacked, showing their true colors, and eventually another glatorian calling himself Mata Nui revealed himself and helped unite the villages after the Tesara youth found out that the Bone Hunters and Skrall had for reasons unknown, united.
Connecting different, vast shelters found scattered across Bara Magna after the Shattering, it was revealed that they were pieces of an enormous, prototype robot. After defeating the Skrall in the City of Roxtus, they claimed the skull-shaped castle as their own and after finding the last few pieces, connected them to the incomplete superstructure.
It was the foundation of the ultimate metropolis. It was invulnerable to the most fiercest sandstorms or the most gnarly explosive thornax. There was room to make the entire structure pure technology, but then Mata Nui revealed his origins as the true owner of the structure. He then explained how, before the Shattering, the Great Beings saw the event and created a robot that would be powered by all sorts of various biomechanical species from within, who would study planets to gain the knowledge needed to restore Spherus Magna.
Unfortunately, the Makuta, one of these species, released a virus into the Core Processor, causing Mata Nui to crash into Aqua Magna minutes before landing on Bara Magna. More centuries passed, and Teridax, their leader, took control of Mata Nui’s body before reactivating it before transferring Mata Nui’s mind into the Ignika and sending it to Bara Magna while he began to get adjusted to his new form.
The Ignika, using its legendary powers over life, proceeded to create a body of Mata Nui based on that of the Glatorian, and he began his quest to find the Prototype body, which he had heard of. After going to the Valley of the Maze and defeating the Element Lords, he retrieved the necessary power source, and fusing it and himself into the body, now stood thousands of miles above the glatorian against Teridax, whom had arrived not too long ago.
Now Gresh and his team of Glatorian were tasked with sneaking towards Teridax’s enormous, mountain-sized foot while the two titans battled in order to somehow go through the hatch built into the mechanical god.
“I don’t see how we could open that thing,” Perditus grumbled, fidgeting around with his long sword. “If a number of explosive thornax that could blow off the peak on a mountain can’t even make a scratch on that thing, I figure the Great Beings wouldn’t slack off on the entrances, either.”
“Jam it, Perdi,” Gelu snarled, referring to the Vulcanus Glatorian by his detested nickname. “I may be my own special class of pessimist, but this thing’s MEANT to have a hole in it.”
“The hinges are always a weak point,” a slim, shapely glatorian from vulcanus named Igne noted. “Clinc brought some sort of grease made from Thornax Stew residue. With that stuff, nothing can be held tight, and with an extra explosion, ‘BAM!’, that thing’ll swing wide open and we can go inside and tear out any wires in that nutjob Teridax’s brain.”
“Then get to work, Clinc,” Gresh ordered, and the rest of his group nodded. “Teridax may just be standing there, swatting off Mata Nui’s attacks occasionally, but he’ll eventually have to move to achieve what he needs to do, and with luck we’ll be flattened into pancakes if he does.”
Nodding, Clinc and a few other glatorian got into some sort of clumsy, shaky version of a pyramid, Clinc climbing on top so that he could reach the top of the enormous hatch, which was really only less than a thirtieth of the foot. Setting to work, he began pouring the slick grease through the narrowest cracks, causing the hinges to slowly loosen up.
There was a sudden shudder from the foot, and a hiss emerged from the doors. “It’s working!” a buff glatorian called Terjian hollered. “Let’s get down and blow this thing open!”
Cheering, the glatorian got down, even as the doors began to slowly open, an omen of extreme miracle. Already, the grease had accomplished a victory no amount of explosive thornax or technology left over from the Great Beings could. Considering Teridax’s, size, it would take quite the time to scale all the way up to his head where the techno city Metru Nui was, but there were probably elevators or something like that.
Of course, it never occurred to any of the glatorian that though their plan would have eventually worked, it would’ve in reality taken much longer. Truth be told, Teridax was the one who was opening the gates, and what lay inside was another key in taking care of the rest of the glatorian while he played with Mata Nui.
The gates swung wide open, revealing only a chilling darkness inside. There was a pause, and suddenly a screech. Before any of the glatorian could scream, a spinning wheel of energy flew out and struck Perditus.
Perditus gasped before his limbs went limp, falling to his sides limply as he fell face-first. However, he didn’t even feel the impact; his entire body had gone completely numb.
There was a roar from the darkness, and lights lit up. Assuming correctly what it meant, the glatorian made a break for it, Terjian pausing to heave Perditus on his shoulder before continuing.
Meanwhile, thousands of armored beings flooded out of the gates. They consisted of thousands of humanoid figures with enormous, fanged grins and spines running down their backs and arms, enormous spiders made of a fusion of machinery and organics, armored reptiles wielding staffs, and enormous mechas armed with two hooked arms and an enormous rocket launcher each.
One of the mechas, an Exo-Toa, pointed its Electro-rocket at the fleeing glatorian and fired. A streak of lightning crossed the sky, and there was a terrible scream. With that, half of the glatorian party was gone.
“RUNNNNNN!!!” Gelu screamed, and their allies ahead of them could see why.
Skakdi, now united together, combined their powers. The ground lifted itself up, swallowing several soldiers and hurling itself at the fleeing party. Visorak screeched as they scuttled forward, firing Rhotuka spinners while Rahkshi unleashed the powers of the Makuta upon their targets.
Meanwhile, the glatorian charged. Explosive thornax was launched, blowing large gaps in the opposing army and unleashing the elemental powers Mata Nui gave them. Thornatus chariots fired their Force Blasters at full power, and bestial Spikits instantly tore apart anything enemy that came within their reach.
It was mass chaos. Explosions rocked and screams flew. Rahkshi blasted Glatorian to pieces while Spikits tore out the throats of any unfortunate victim they claimed. Down below, in that chaos somewhere, the glatorian party, though now disbanded and scattered among the fighting, could be seen Terjian, Clinc, and Igne fighting off their enemies, with Perditus firing off a few thornax, his entire upper body having already recovered fully, due to the Rhotuka having not been designed originally to affect the Glatorian species.
A rahkshi lunged at Terjian’s heart, its accuracy power ensuring a direct hit. However, it was nowhere strong enough to break a dent into the Tesara glatorian’s exsidian armor, and with one mighty blow he smashed the creature’s head beneath his war hammer. There was a sickening squish as a goo leaked from within the broken armor.
“What ARE these things?!” Terjian muttered, dodging a berserk Skakdi’s eye beams and slamming a barrage of vines into him. Clinc shrugged, blasting off full-power with his multi-barrel/shot thornax launcher, dashing the heads of Visorak, Exo-Toa, Skakdi, and Rahkshi alike instantly.
“EAT DUST, PIRAKA!” a skakdi screamed, unleashing a full-out mental blast at the glatorian. They all screamed in pain, but even then Perditus, with only his right foot not fully recovered, realized that this was the full extent of his attack, and knowing the pain could grow no worse, found strength and promptly decapitated the skakdi as he lunged at them, guard lowered.
Igne gasped in pain, scrambling, her axe cleaving a Visorak in half ducking beneath its acid rhotuka. “These guys are insane!” she screamed. “I didn’t sign up for this!”
“Quit whining!” Perditus grumbled, now fully back into the game as he sliced through the pistons built into an Exo-Toa’s feet, causing the flow of energy to its feet to cease, losing control of them and resulting in the hulking piece of machinery toppling and squashing two rahkshi and three visorak underneath its weight.
“Catch this!” Terjian snarled, grabbing a screeching visorak by its feet and hurtling it at Perditus, who cleanly roasted it into a flaming oblivion, leaving its scorched corpse to crash into an unsuspecting rahkshi.
Elsewhere, Gresh had now reunited with Kiina, Ackar, Tarix, and a rehabilitated Strakk, whom had been allowed to stay in order to provide more man-power to the United Agori tribes. Combining his powers with Kiina, Tarix, and Strakk, the four created a miniature blizzard the flash-froze at least three of each of the species serving Teridax. “As far as I can tell,” the Tesara youth observed. “Those giants are nothing but robots.”
“So they can’t be bribed,” Strakk whined. “But I think those spiny people can!” With that, he rammed his fingers into a skakdi’s eyes, jamming his eyebeams before he fire them, causing his internal circuitry to overheat and for his head to literally explode.
“It’s all about money,” Tarix grumbled, extinguishing the flames of two Fire Skakdi. “By the way, it looks like two Skakdi are making a monster of their own!”
Indeed, a skakdi of jungle and iron were now pooling their powers together and a hulk made of Exo-Toa parts and rahkshi armor formed, fused with explosive thornax and enormous, venomous vines. Roaring, it slammed one of these into an entire party of twenty glatorian, killing them all instantly.
“It’ll pay for that!” Kiina snarled. “Get ready to be the first person to drown in a desert!” Yelling, she blasted two rock-shattering streams of water, severing its two whip-like vines it used. Ackar proceeded to use his sword to superheat its body, setting its plant portion on fire while Strakk froze its joints. Simultaneously, Tarix and Gresh sprayed a flurry of rain at the two skakdi, blinding them and allowing them to lunge in for the kill.
There was a dreadful screaming as Ackar turned to see Vastus stumbled into the fray before collapsing, having been struck by a Vohtorak spinner. “Strakk, Kiina, Tarix, use your powers to subdue the pain,” he ordered. Nodding, the three of them set to work, Strakk being much more rough than he should have, but nonetheless Vastus’ flaring muscles eased.
“Duck!” Gresh yelled. Ackar did so instinctively and immediately a rhotuka was sent off-course by a blast of air, slamming into an Exo-Toa and melting its head in two seconds.

On an enormous cliff, overlooking the chaos, was a band of skrall. Consisting of the most skilled champions and trusted advisors in Tuma’s council before his fall, they had all sought each other out after the Battle of Roxtus. Stronius, taking command and appointing Branar leader, then proceeded to have the red portion of their armor recolored green, signifying their new ties.
Seeking revenge, they watched as the armies of Teridax and Mata Nui dueled below, while the two enormous robots dueled it out miles away. Stronius snarled in disgust, cracking his neck. “Where is that leech Mata Nui?” he snarled. “If he were brave enough to confront us alone, he should have the courage to confront these amateurs alongside his allies!”
“No matter, Sir,” Branar pointed out. Among them was Fero on his rock steed, Skirmix, and a troop of his own Bone Hunters. “We shall kill his friends first, along with those monsters down there.”
Fero nodded in agreement. “We shall show them the true masters of the sands, including these invaders. And once we kill them all, Mata Nui will surely come out eventually, like a Vorox hidden in the sands, the rest of his clan slain…”
With that, Stronius raised his enormous, exsidian club. Roaring a war cry, he and the rest of his allies roared down the sands of Bara Magna, the Bone Hunters resting on their Rock Steeds that pulled their Baranus chariots into battle.

Kirbraz and Scodonius blasted through the battlefield in their Kaxium V2 and V3 vehicles, running over visorak and rahkshi and blasting down Exo-Toa and Skakdi with their thronax launchers.
“Watch out for that spider thingy over there!” Kirbraz yelled out. Nodding, Scodonius tossed an explosive thornax over his shoulder, and the visorak disappeared in a ball of flame before it could fire its rhotuka. “I know what to do!” Scodonius grumbled.
There was a screech as they flattened an unfortunate rahkshi. “Oops,” Scodonius muttered.
An explosion rocked nearby as an Exo-Toa took aim at them, blasting off electro-rockets. “Holy smokesters!” Kirbraz blurted. “I say we go right!”
“Left!” Scodonius retorted.
At that moment, the Exo-Toa let off one final blast. Too busy to argue with their partner any further, the two split their vehicles, Kirbraz veering off to the right, Scodonius to the left. The electro-rocket landed in empty air, and too panicked to think straight and relying solely on instincts, flew past the Exo-Toa, turning around and each blasting a thornax at the machine.
The spiked fruit impaled themselves in its back, breaking through the undefended rear and resting in its internal circuits. Buzzing wildly, it accidentally misfired an electro rocket at a pair of skakdi that teamed up to create an enormous, miniature comet and were now hurtling it towards a group of agori. They screamed as they were blasted to oblivion, and without its creators, the comet fell straight down, smashing into a group of visorak whom in their panic missed and accidentally fired a disintegration rhotuka, destroying the legs of an exo-toa that fell down and slammed into another one, whose claw proceeded to accidentally decapitate a rahkshi that then misfired and nearly struck a group of skakdi, who in their anger began attacking other rahkshi, and so on.
Kirbraz and Scodonius braked their vehicles to a halt. Then, with a smugness, they glared at each other and loudly proclaimed, “SEE! I WAS RIGHT!”

Ackar ducked beneath a swing of a skakdi. Predicting this, he slammed his knee into the glatorian’s chest, sending him flying. Landing on the ground, Ackar rolled to his feet, letting loose a thornax and a bolt of fire. The skakdi ducked beneath the fruit, but the bolt struck the plants, igniting its juices and creating an explosion that beheaded the spiny warrior.
“These guys keep coming!” he groaned. Screeching, a rahkshi lunged at him. Ackar blasted flames at it, but it instead rapidly sucked all of the air in a thirty-foot radius into its staff, killing the fire. Then, with a gleeful anticipation, it blasted all of it back at Ackar, who was now gasping for breath.
The Vulcanus warrior twisted out of the way, but the blast brought oblivion to his thornax launcher and the armor on his left shoulder, tearing into his flesh. Gasping pain, he fell to the ground, and the rahkshi lunged for the kill.
Gresh intercepted the attack, sending a gust of wind instinctively; a foolish mistake. The creature simply absorbed it, and let loose this time a spread-out wave of air, sending Gresh flying.
“GRESH!” Ackar yelled, but the rahkshi brought its staff down at him. Rolling out of the way, he swung blindly but missed. Ahead, an agori saw his dilemma and fired a thornax, but he was a clumsy shot and it only scored the beast’s armor. Screeching one last time, its head plate opened to revealed a bestial, slimy slug-like serpent.
Ackar saw his chance. He rammed his fist into the exposed face, sending the beast staggering, shattered its midsection with his sword. The rahkshi landed in the sand, and there was a pause before the serpent slithered out, leaving behind an empty shell, only to be squashed by a careless, rampaging spikit.
Ackar stood up, looking at the mess and the armor. So they’re just slugs in armor? He wondered. That might help, I’m not sure how, but maybe.

Gresh closed his eyes, but that didn’t really make the pain feel any better or worse. His body bounced along the sand, before landing several meters away from Teridax’s foot.
The rahkshi there were particularly powerful, that he knew. In fact, pretty much everyone in Teridax’s army was. Groaning, he got to his feet, far away from the battle; it was a miracle he hadn’t broken something. He took a step, and he winced. Maybe he HAD, after all.
He glanced back, and promptly gaped. The skrall, led by Stronius along with Fero and a band of Bone Hunters, had entered the scene and all of them were laying waste to both sides alike, none of them suffering a single scratch.
However, his attention was quickly diverted back to Teridax’s foot. The gates were now closed, but they were now opening again. Another army? Gresh thought, raising his blades. “Well, I’ll give them a little greeting to Bara Magna!”
The gates opened, and he let out a full blast of air. Instead, however, it died seconds before reaching the darkness within. “What- ?!” Before Gresh could send another attack, another army appeared, this time different.
Unlike Glatorian, whom were mostly organic with the occasional mechanical implant, these beings were almost purely machine, with organic muscles and tissue here and there. Their armor was grafted into their body, and instead of helmets they wore masks.
They were all different colors, but there were also other species among them, some enormous towering, others small but with fangs, and so on. Also amongst them was an army of crimson and gray robots that towered over the others, not as tall as Exo-Toa, but large, each wielding an enormous sword. The miscellaneous list continued, but none were rahkshi, visorak, Exo-toa, or Skakdi, and backing them was a small army of enormous beasts, with fanged maws, bulky heads, treads for legs, and cannons built into their arms, made of machinery but like the beings fused with the occasional organic matter.
“Who the heck are you?!” a green figure demanded, wielding a shield. “No matter; you must be a friend-ally of Teridax!”
Gresh shook his head. “No, I’m just a native of this place,” he gestured to the battle. “WE’RE the ones fighting that nutjob and his army. And I guess you guys are, too?”
This time, a taller figure approached. He was clothed in white and gold armor, a magnificent sight, wielding two long, thin staffs with a blade at the end. He glowed with a light that almost hurt to look at, and he wore a golden mask.
“My name is Takanuva,” he answered. “We’re all members of the Order of Mata Nui, an organization assembled to help the Great Spirit and defeat Teridax.” He looked upwards to see Teridax continuing the fight with Mata Nui, still not bothering to move. However, there was an enormous tremor as his foot shifted forward several meters.
Gresh nodded quickly. “Come on,” he said. “I think we can agree we’re friends.” However, this time, another figure appeared, this one wearing red and silver armor and carrying two swords. “Wait a minute,” he muttered. “Who are those people?”
He pointed at the Skrall and Bone Hunters. “They’re fighting Teridax’s army, but the same goes for you as well.”
Gresh nodded. “They’re the Skrall and Bone Hunters, and they tried to take over, in short. Your friend, Mata Nui, helped us defeat them, but they want revenge and apparently they won’t share Bara Magna with Teridax here.”
The red and silver figure nodded. “I’m Tahu,” he explained. “And- ”
There was a sudden, brilliant golden flash. Gresh and the others stepped back and the light faded, revealing another figure. He was less armored, wearing crimson and orange armor and only one long, thinner blade shaped like fire.
The being staggered, shocked. He looked down at his form, and his bewilderment turned to rage. “WHAT?!” he snarled. He looked upwards, as if searching for someone. “IGNIKA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?! HOW AM I-”
Takanuva interrupted. “TAHU?!” he muttered, and now everyone else was confused. Tahu, evidently having changed, glanced at Takanuva. “Didn’t you see that?” he asked.
“See what?” a reptilian humanoid with a neck as long as a desert serpent asked. Tahu shook his head. “The Kanohi Ignika! It appeared before me, and told me about the Golden Armor! Then, it said my current form wasn’t designed for it, and I was turned back into this!”
He gestured at his new –or old, evidently- form. Gresh shook his head, confused. “All WE saw was a flash, and then there you were, all different.”
Tahu shook his head. “Ignika’s message must’ve been altered to seem longer than just a second,” he muttered, but the others stared at him skeptically. “Nonetheless, it mentioned pieces of something called the Golden Armor, which together can destroy solid antidermis and absorb its powers, meaning I can use it to destroy all of the rahkshi here and in the Matoran Universe and absorb their abilities!”
Gresh shook his head. “This guy’s a nutjob,” he grumbled. “Must’ve broken a fuse or something.” However, before anyone could murmur in agreement, there was a brilliant light that came down from the Mata Nui robot that surrounded Tahu. Before everyone’s eyes, six shapes appeared in the sand, and they solidified and rose, revealing two shoulder pads, a chest plate, shield, sword pommel, and a golden version of Tahu’s mask.
There was a pause. Then, a being with at least ten heads muttered, “Are those… the Goldem Armor?!”
Tahu nodded. “It’s them!” Everyone cheered. No doubt, he was telling the truth, and based on what he said, they had the power to wipe out a fourth of the army ahead and by absorbing all 42 makuta powers, Tahu could easily wiped out at least a third alone. Victory was inevitable, it seemed, until-
Oblivious to the army ahead, no one noticed a rogue group of skakdi take notice of the newcomers. Combining their powers, they created an enormous sphere of lightning, fire, and plasma, and with all their strength, hurtled it at the group.
Most of them got out of the way, but a few of the robots and one unfortunate person were disintegrated. The pieces of the Golden Armor flew into the sky towards the battle ahead, scattering and disappearing into the chaos.
“THE GOLDEN ARMOR!” Tahu blurted, and with a roar, he sent a stream of fire at the skakdi, melting their weapons. They retaliated with eyebeams, only for the robots to blast them apart with lightning. Even as the warriors began to charge without unnecessary command, Takanuva gestured at the machines. “They’re called Maxilos Robots,” he explained. “And the beasts are called Mana Ko.”
With that, he disappeared in a flash, agolden streak outracing the others and disappearing into the chaos. Gresh shrugged, and ran after them, nothing else in mind.

Branar ducked, blasting a thornax into the torso of a glatorian, killing him, even as he swung his blade neatly cut a skakdi in half. A bone Hunter’s rock steed slammed into an Exo-Toa, even as its rider blasted an explosive thornax at its head, causing the inactive machine to land on two visorak, a rahkshi rolling out of the way and blasting pure acid.
Stronius smashed a visorak to pieces, crushing a rahkshi’s head with his bare fist. Skirmix, Fero’s steed, crushed foe alike, its rider skillfully shooting down Exo-Toa and taking down enemies with his blade.
“DUCK!” Branar yelled. Stronius did so, and Branar tossed his shield, its razor blades cutting deep into the wheels of a Thornatus chariot, causing it to flip over and fly over Stronius’ head, landing on a glatorian and skakdi in combat. A roaring Exo-toa marched towards them and swung its claws, hoping to kill them. Instead, the two nodded at each other and rolled under its attack, smashing their weapons through support pistons in its feet. Unable to stand, the machine fell down, smashing a spikit in half.
Fero had gone ahead on Skirmix, still pulling an abandoned Baranus chariot. A skakdi, hollering, leaped onto it, only for Skirmix to merely decapitate him with its scorpion tail. A Maxilos robot leapt at him, and Fero parried its blow and blasted its head with a thornax. Grabbing its fallen sword, he then hurled it forward, slicing at least three newcomers, one with long arms, another with ten legs, and a person who might have just been some beast of sorts.
One of the glatorian-like beings concentrated, and a wall of stone appeared in front of Skirmix, who merely swing around his tail, breaking it off and sending it hurtling towards the beige-armored being. It struck him dead-on, only to shatter into dust, and he ran forward, his mask glowing. Immediately, an Exo-Toa snapped to his will, and jumping onto it, he ordered it forward, and it stomped after Skirmix.
Fero brought Skirmix to a halt, and facing the machine, it snarled forward. The Exo-Toa fired an electro-rocket, but the rock steed ducked and rammed its head into its armor, twisting around and stabbing it again with its stinger. Fero swung his blade at the beige being, who blocked with a golden staff. Before Fero could reduce his head to smoke, a hand of sand emerged from the ground, grabbing Skirmix by the waist and hoisting him upwards. Fero leaped off, and mid-fall, blasted an explosive thornax, severing the limb.
Skirmix landed with a tremor, killing a toa and glatorian. Fero ran towards the beige toa, and stone began to materialize around his fist as he swung it at Fero, who dodged and slammed his foot into his torso. Hardly staggering, he slammed a wave of sand into the Bone Hunter, who leaped over it and fired an explosive thornax at his feet.
Expecting it to hit him instead, the toa was surprised and quickly blinded by the explosion of sand. Before he could remove it all with his powers, Fero swung his blade, knocking off his mask and weakening him. Then, slashing a gash through his chest and mortally wounding him, he stepped aside and let Skirmix grabbed the screaming warrior between his jaws, killing him before tossing his corpse onto an unsuspecting agori.

Elsewhere, Gresh sent a blast of air at three skrall. One rolled to the side and the others jumped over it, blasting thornax at him. All of them missed, but they created a cloud, blinding the Tesara youth. Coughing, he sent a wave of wind around himself, blowing away the dust, only for the third skrall to slam his shield into his blades, keeping Gresh from properly focusing his power through them.
Another skrall swung his blade at his back. Instead, Gresh rolled backwards away from them all, firing an explosive thornax. One of the skrall leaped over it and threw his sword at Gresh. It bounced off os his blades, but was quickly followed by his razor shield, which Gresh was forced to duck. The other skrall came at him from the sides, and the third one was now falling towards him in a jump-kick.
Before he could fall back, Gresh saw the shield coming back towards him. Nodding, he blasted air at the sand beneath his feet, creating a wave of sand flying, sending the skrall and shield flying. One of them dropped a golden sword pommel that Gresh recognized as a piece of the Golden Armor.
“I’ll take this, thank you,” he muttered, lunging for it. However, the owner suddenly kicked forward, sending the pommel slamming into Gresh’s face.
Surprised and shocked, the glatorian fell down. Another one of the skrall promptly kicked away his blades, and brought down his shield. Gresh rolled out of the way, but the third one slammed his foot on his chest.
Gresh coughed in pain, and the first one grabbed his shield brought it down on his face. However, the skrall suddenly turned towards his comrades, slamming his weapon instead at one of the other skrall. Surprised, the one pinning down Gresh reached for his blade, but then stopped and instead got off of the Glatorian. Puzzled, he noticed that all three of them were now standing beside him docile.
Getting up, he noticed a toa, this one wearing golden and blue armor, nod towards him. “One of my little tricks,” she teased at him, blushing. Nodding, he picked up the sword pommel and stored it away. “Keep a look out for these,” he said. “Er- not like your golden armor, but these are more, well… special. It’s hard to describe!”
With that, he continued onwards.

Ackar and Tahu blasted pure flames, obliterating ten rahkshi and melting half of an Exo-Toa. “Nice,” the veteran muttered. A visorak hurled itself at the toa of fire, but a Maxilos Robot and a toa of lightning named Kirel blasted it into oblivion.
“You need to keep a better watch,” she sneered. Tahu glared at her, but shrugged. “Whatever. Our main goal is to find the pieces of the Golden Armor so we can get rid of all of the Rahkshi. With that done, I’ll be able to at least, like Ignika said, take down a third of what’s left of the army and we’ll eventually win.
There was a tremor and he glanced up to see Fero on Skirmix, riding towards him. Roaring, the rock steed lunged, attempting to crush the toa of fire between its jaws. Instead, Tahu leaped over him and towards Fero. Fero lunged with his blade, but superheating his sword, Tahu cut it cleanly in half.
Fero clearly expected this, because immediately he slammed his head into Tahu’s torso, taking advantage of the opening. Tahu landed onto the sand and activated his Hau as Skirmix lunged at him with its stinger tail. The impact sent him flying though, and Ackar ran at the beast head-on.
“I didn’t know you were fighting with the Skrall again!” he snarled, firing his thornax at Skirmix. The beast ducked and attempted to squash the glatorian with its feet.
Fero shrugged, grabbing another blade slung across his back. “I knew they’d lose,” he muttered. “But this time, I think we’ll at least manage to kill you guys,”
Kirel unleashed a stream of lightning, hitting Skirmix and Fero dead-on. Beast and rider staggered backwards, and a toa of earth, Gyros, made the sand beneath them began to quickly envelop the two, trapping them.
“You’re lucky we’ve got the Toa code against killing,” Kirel warned. “Otherwise, this’d be more fun.”
Fero blinked in surprise. “You can’t kill?!” For once, he seemed genuinely taken aback. Ackar shrugged, pointing his thornax launcher even as Gyros hardened the sand around them into stone, leaving the two half-covered and immobilized.
“But we can,” Ackar reminded the Bone Hunter. Before he could fire, a toa of gravity slammed into him, yelling. Surprised, his thornax missed Fero’s head, instead sailing into the air and eventually landing on a skakdi. Stronius and Branar arrived, yelling.
“PREPARE TO DIE THIS TIME!” Stronius roared, bringing down his club. Ackar rolled to the side, dragging the toa of gravity out of the way. Meanwhile, Gyros began to materialize the sand around the two skrall’s legs.
Stronius easily shrugged it off, but Branar fired a thornax at Gyros’ head. Kirel blasted lightning, intending to destroy it, but it instead ignited its liquids and created an explosion, knocking out Gyros. The Maxilos robot swung at Stronius, who parried and rammed his head into the machine’s, effectively shaking its sensors, allowing him to grab its neck and snap it in half.
Kirel ran at Branar, lightning streaming from her fingers as she unleashed it at Branar. Instead, he leaped to the side and slammed the flat of his blade into Skirmix, shattering its stone cocoon and freeing the rock steed and its Bone Hunter master.
“I was waiting for that,” Fero snarled, and he shot a thornax at Kirel. It impaled her arm, injuring her, and Stronius slammed his club down at her head.
Instead, the skrall’s arm froze. Before he could respond, he was swept off of his feet with a wave and a toa of ice and water appeared.
“Well, then, Tahu,” he toa of ice said coldly. “I’d have thought you’d wait for us.”
Tahu arrived, even as the toa of water used her mask of healing to repair Kirel’s wound. “We need to take care of these three, Kopaka.” He explained.
Kopaka nodded towards the toa of water. “Once you’re done, go help some of those glatorian over there,” he ordered. Nodding, the toa of water finished healing Kirel and left.
Stronius snarled, snapping the ice shards off of him. “I’ve already killed Toa, but I have yet to do so to one with such attitude,” he grumbled. Shrugging, Kopaka blasted a sphere of light at the skrall, who ducked and ran towards him, swinging his club.
Instead, Kopaka jumped to the side and let loose a blast of ice shards. Stronius hid behind his armor, and Branar swung his blade at Tahu. Tahu’s sword superheated, ready to slice through the skrall’s blades as if it were water, but Branar stopped mid-strike and instead kicked sand into the toa of fire’s eyes blinding him.
Ackar blasted flames at Branar from the side. Hiding behind his shield, he slammed his knee into Tahu, sending him flying. Kopaka created an ice scoop, catching his comrade, blasting spheres of light at Stronius.
Kirel leaped into the air, blasting lightning at Branar, Fero, and Stronius. Skirmix, snarling, stepped out of the way, focusing on smashing Ackar beneath its foot. The glatoiran rolled out of the way and ducked beneath a swing from Branar, sweeping his foot and tripping the skrall.
Stronius fired an explosive thornax at Kopaka. The toa of ice retaliated by creating an ice shield that shattered into pieces from the impact. Kirel came at Stronius from the side, blasting a bolt of lightning. The skrall was forced to roll over to the left, ending up back-to-back with Branar.
Snarling, Skirmix was frozen to the ground by Kopaka, who began to shoot ice spikes at Fero. The Bone hunter leaped off of his rock steed, shooting a thornax at the Toa of ice. Tahu attempted to create a shield around him to deflect the blow, only to realize that, no longer being a Nuva, it would only protect him.
Kopaka nonetheless managed to twist out of the way, only getting a scar on his armor. Fero landed amongst Stronius and Branar. Nodding, the trio began fighting hand-by-hand, complimenting each other’s attacks as they fought back the toa and glatorian.

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Somewhere else, on the battlefield, Nektann snarled as he blocked a blow from a Mana Ko. Snarling, it rammed into him, blasting energy from its talons. The skakdi warlord dodged and sent a super pressurized blast of water from his crescent scythe, smashing through the beast’s armor and killing it.
He snarled with anticipation, and noticing several toa taking down a group of rahkshi, shrugged and released two beams of energy from his eyes, creating an explosion that sent both sides into pure oblivion.
The switch of sides was rather sudden to him. When Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe, he allied with him, as since all attempts to kill the new Great Spirit from inside would have been futile. However, he had recently received orders from the last surviving makuta to lead his skakdi forces against the residents of Bara Magna.
He was enormous, clothed in gray and navy armor, with a long row of jagged spines running down his back and arms. He was about as tall as an Exo-Toa, maybe even larger, and his talons could slice a visorak in half.
Hissing with delight, he noticed a fleet of Thornatus chariots smashing through enemy ranks. Nodding, he blasted a wave of water at them, causing their vehicles to tip over. The riders were immediately dealt with several Boggorak, who reduced them to dust with their powers.
Nektann felt a fleeting stab in his ankle and looked down to see a Maxilos robot, its blade stabbed all the way to its hilt. Cackling ruthlessly, he merely kicked aside the machine, watching it sail into the sky before finally crushing an unfortunate toa beneath its weight.
Something landed near the skakdi warlord. Frowning, he looked back to see a piece of armor, pure golden in color. It was a shoulder pad, its edges and details cleanly refined and fresh. It was truly magnificent, and would’ve fetched an enormous price on the black market.
Nektann shrugged and left it behind.
However, something stabbed into his mind viciously. Fool! It hissed. That thing you saw- it’s a piece of the Golden Armor!
Nektann recognized that sneering, sly voice of manipulation. It was Teridax, and his tone was scathing. The pieces of the Golden Armor, he explained, Have the power to wipe out every rahkshi in the universe! And by absorbing their powers, they’ll also give its user all the power of a MAKUTA! You have to keep the toa from uniting the pieces!
But how can I distinguish a piece of the Golden Armor from an ordinary one? Nektann snarled, picking up the shoulder pad and swatting aside a persistent, six-tailed being. Teridax hissed. Just pick up every piece you find, then!
Nektann grumbled, stowing away the piece.

Somewhere in the battlefield, Takanuva blasted through the chaos, constantly chopping down opponents at the speed of light.
I’m sure I saw one of the pieces land over here, he thought to himself. It must’ve been picked up by someone. Might as well just kill off every enemy here and frisk them through.
A rahkshi lunged at him, striking him in the foot. Takanuva was sent flying, but using a light scoop managed to stop his flight and landed safely onto the ground. A rahkshi of accuracy, he thought to himself. Well, he’s gonna regret making his mark!
He flew at the beast with terrifying speeds. Takanuva swung one of his light staffs at it, but the creature dodged and slammed its foot into his torso. Takanuva did a backflip and activated his mask of light. A bright light formed, instantly blinding anyone who even glanced quickly at it. The rahkshi, incapacitated, was easily sliced in half by the Toa of Light.
“WWRRRAAAAGGGHHH!!!” a skakdi blasted laser beams at him. Takanuva did a backflip, creating tentacles of light that wrapped around him, tossing the warrior into a visorak. There was another battle cry, and this time a bulky, green-armored native swung his hammer at him.
Takanuva easily dodged it in a flash. “Whoa there!” he muttered. “Sorry, I’m on your side. Didn’t mean to blind you with that flash!”
A red-armored one with a long sword stepped forward, dazed. “Don’t worry,” he muttered. “The name’s Perditus. This is Terjian, Igne, and Clinc.”
Two more arrived. One was tall and slim with red, crimson armor and a battle axe, and the other was about the size of an agori, with cerulean, silver, and light gray armor carrying a bizarre contraption of sorts.
An Exo-Toa suddenly snapped forward, blasting electro-rockets at them. Nodding, Terjian unleashed a barrge of vines from his hammer, wrapping around the mech’s arms and keeping it from using its weapons. Perdituis and Igne ran forward, using their heat abilities to slash through the machine’s feet. Clinc promptly finished it off by firing off several thornax that impaled their spikes into its head, destroying it.
Takanuva nodded. “Nice,” he muttered, before noticing something embedded in the back of the machine’s head that had caused it go berserk. Frowning, he reached forward and removed a golden piece of metal from its armor.
There was no doubt about it. It was a piece of the golden armor, a chest piece, lightweight yet at the same time practically indestructible. So that’s where it landed, he thought to himself. To think of all places…
He held it up for the glatorian to see. “I’m looking for pieces of the Golden Armor,” he explained. Terjian nodded. “I’ve heard so from another guy, with SIX heads! Can you believe that?! These people from inside Teridax, they’re just so bizarre…”
Takanuva secretly wondered what Bysmal would’ve thought about this remark, but shook it off. “Come on, we still need to find all of them!”
Nodding, the five of them continued fighting off foes and enemies alike, pausing occasionally to search for one of the pieces of the Golden Armor.

Strakk cleaved his axe downward, smashing a visorak in half. “I’d better be getting paid for this!” he grumbled, sending a gust of ice vapor to cool himself down.
Vastus, having recovered, shook his head, even as he cut a wound in a skakdi, leaving him to perish from the poison on his blade. “Your payment was still being accepted into the village, or your survival.”
“They already gave me that at Roxtus!” Strakk retorted, feezing the leg joints of an Exo-Toa and watching it fall down, landing on a particularly stupid rahkshi. Kiina snarled, sending a wave of water that promptly drowned several visorak. “And this battle counts as part of your daily fee.”
Tarix did a backflip, avoiding a skakdi’s eye beams, firing a thornax that dashed the spiny being’s head. “It may make no difference,” he panted. “These things keep on coming, and I don’t intend to be a pessimist, but we might not survive this!”
Strakk grumbled, dodging a rhotuka from a vicious vohtorak and kicking it away, chopping it in half mid-air. He only paused to bend over and pick up a sparkling, golden mask with ridges on each side, stowing it away in his satchel.
“Well, at least I got something useful,” he grumbled. Gelu rolled his eyes, blowing up an exo-toa with an explosive thornax. “When will you ever learn?” he complained, shaking his head.

Takanuva sent a deadly arc of light that sliced several Exo-Toa in half, leaving their smoking corpses to crush their comrades. He and the glatorian had salvaged an abandoned Thornatus and were now driving into battle, smashing enemies with their vehicle’s exsidian front and blasting them with its weapons.
“See anything?” Perditus asked, driving the chariot expertly. Takanuva shook his head. “Nope!” he yelled out. Suddenly, two skakdi created an enormous pillar of plasma that rose out of the ground several feet in front of the Thornatus, about to crash into it.
“Uh-oh,” Terjian muttered. “RIGHT!” Nodding, Perditus strained the controls, even as the Tesara and glatorian and Takanuva created scoops made of their elements, hooking onto a Mana Ko and using it to propel themselves out of the way. The skakdi attempted to create another pillar, this time directly underneath them, but were immediately blown to oblivion by a vicious mana ko.
An electro rocket flew out of nowhere unexpectedly. Unable to turn in time, the thornatus was blasted by it, and its riders flew out even as the machine flipped over and crashed, landing on a lone rahkshi.
The Exo-Toa turned and continued firing at them. Takanuva groaning, created a shield of light around his comrades, protecting them, even as a rampaging spikit tackled the mech and promptly tore it apart.
Suddenly, there was a shimmering in the air, and before Takanuva’s eyes, a white machine with long, blue claws appeared. Before he could react in time, it lunged at him with its claws.
Its head flew off, thanks to a lone skrall warrior. Gresh glanced up at him, but he hardly paid attention, looking terrified at the mechanical corpse, muttering only one word.

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