My version of G2

Am I the only one who thinks that G2 was rushed in its story, predictable, had 1-dimensional personalities, and was kinda clichéd? I mean, what’s a story without a cliché here and there, right? :confused:
Ekimu was the wise elder while Makuta was the stereotypical villain whose evil intentions came from the lust of power (G1 Makuta was like that was, too).
Here’s my version of G2. I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Please note that this was before the Toa showed up.
In my version of G2, Ekimu and Makuta started out as any other Matoran.
Ekimu was an Av-Matoran who made complex tools (like for building and mining) and wore a white Pakari. Matkua was a Kra-Matoran who was one who organized things (like blueprints, major projects, defenses, etc.) and
wore a black Hau.
During a Rahi invasion, similar to The Battle of Kini-Nui, Ekimu made shields and other weapons to protect the Matoran
and defend the villages of Okoto, and Makuta gathered several guards and
pointed out the weaker points around the villages so they can be better barricaded.

After the Rahi retreated, a ceremony was held at the capital, where the Protector of Okoto, Mata Nui, congratulated Ekimu and Matkua for helping the Matoran defend their villages and Okoto from the rampaging Rahi.
Mata Nui rewarded Ekimu and Makuta with 2 Great Kanohi masks:

Ekimu was given the Hanga, Mask of Creation, for his craftsmanship.
Makuta was given the Mana, Mask of control, for his leadership.
Ekimu was given the title of Okoton blacksmith, and Makuta was given the title of Okoton general.

(For Mata Nui’s mask, I was thinking of making him the Mask of Unity, or Hono, which has the appearance similar to that of the Avohkii.)

So, what do you think? :slight_smile:


Pretty good

(Gasp) you are using the Bionicle Wiki. For shame for shame!


When you click on The Battle of Kini-Nui it redirects to the Bionicle wiki.

You should be using BS01 for your Bionicle information.

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Because it’s accurate.

Bio-wiki has a very bad habbit of letting fanon into it’s articles BSO1 is very good about avoiding that.


This is a particularly interesting concept. I would put a bit more effort into thinking of new proper nouns if you want to really enchant the reader.