My Very First Animation

So I just made a new YouTube channel, and this is my very first video!

It's just a little stop-motion test, though it's pretty grainy 'cause I made it using my iPod Touch, lol.


For a first stop-motion, it's pretty good, though you should work on the camera work, so it isn't so shaky.


Thanks. But yeah, I had trouble keeping the distance consistent.

Would suggest using something different to an IpodTouch. As for the stop motion, some of your movements seem a bit rough but it has a lot of potential. Particularly in how you did the Skull Spider jump onto the face (via getting it to appear as if it was in mid air by having the leg supported by the swords)

Just a matter of getting a steadier way of taking photos and pacing your animation a little slower with more pictures to make it smoother. Look forward to seeing more videos :3

The last time I saw something so grainy it was my bowl of grits!

Seriously, The quality was not that bad, you just need a more stable hand when doing this. You should improve over time.

Camera is too shaky but otherwise it's not bad.