My Very First Moc and Post

Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents there are some images of my first moc. Note that I only have 4 voyatoran, two hf and some little parts from a star wars set

Edit: just realized that I can directly upload images

a little colour and feet upgrade


It is a okay Rahi moc
But why did you not upload the photos here?
Or is it a Format problem

The MOC’s design is impressive for a basic build and the colours are fairly consistent. The only thing that bugs me is the orange shells that look a bit out of place with the rest of the colours, but that’s a pretty minor complaint.


@Oniwah Thanks, and about the shells… I don’t have other colors

Hmm…not bad.
Welcome to the boards, btw.

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@Grimsock thanks! c:

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Welcome to the boards, and this is a nice little guy, he really gives off an OG Bionicle feel.

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@Hutere thank you, I really wanted( it’s that right?) To do that looks like a lego oficial set because bionicle was created the same year as I born so it’s something special to me…

and I only have pieces from g1 and hf XD

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Looks pretty good to me!

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Yep, this is too good to be a red pins dupe. Welcome to the boards dude. :slight_smile:


Well its a good looking chicken! Welcome to the boards!

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@Anaru_LST yeah… we are on/at/in winter

cute rahi is cute rahi

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I like how you used the feet to make the body. I would have never thought of something like that. Simple, yet genius.

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I have to admit. It’s pretty cute. Welcome to the boards, BTW.

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Good moc for a beginner, welcome to the boards!

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If I made him a bro. ¿i should post him in this topic or on

I would make another topic

This is a nice rooster like moc.

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