My Vezok Obsession (Sketchbook devoted solely to Vezok)

So yesterday I started a new (relatively small) sketchbook, and decided to fill it with sketches of Vezon. From a looks point of view he is by far my favorite Bionicle, simply down to that awesome head. Its the perfect mix of arrogance and aggression that works perfectly with the rest of the build…

Anyway, heres the sketches:

So yeah, they vary quite a bit between very sketchy, messy things, to being quite clean and tidy. Also, these aren’t all intended to be the same interpretation of Vezok. This is kind of me playing around with that design and seeing what I can do with it.


That is a lot of Water Skakdi and a lot of GOOD STUFF

Tfw sooo much Bara Vezok

I have the feeling you really like Vezok. Nice work.

Yeah, i’m a huge fan of the head. More specifically the chin. No idea why, I just think it makes Vezok look really awesome.

These look amazing,like pretty much all your art tbh

Thanks :smiley:

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All of these are amazingly done. You captured the look of Vezok in an interesting style.

dang, I really dig your art style

What the poop, man. That is a lot of Vezok. Not saying it isn’t good, which I think in very much it.

Looks absolutely amazing. You definitely have some drawing talent,

Really cool, nice job.