My Vezok Sketchbook [My Vezok Obsession Updated Drawings]

Okay so I’ve made a few posts before on the subject of my drawings of Vezok and my obsession with that specific set; well these are the latest drawings of him. You may recognize some from ‘My Vezok Obsession’, and that’s because that post included these drawings but in a much much much earlier form - they were basically sketches.

These are the latest versions, and I likely won’t be updating them anymore.


oY oY

These looks amazing… Breath taking.

Oh, this legitimately looks like concept art for a movie, fantastic!

@LTVmocs @Kardax Thankyou! :smiley: It’s funny you say that, concept art is the job I’m hoping to get into after university.

I will say this: Vezok is one of my least favorite characters.

But this art is amazing. Wonderful job.

These are all incredible tbh

@JediTimeLord824 @Ghosty Thanks!

I wish I could like this more than once. They’re just that good.