Myr and Shellington (MOC)

Update: I spray painted the mask, you can see the result at post 14.

So here is another MOC of mine Myr and Shellington (no I don’t have a reason for the names)

Myr is a matoran type character while Shellington is a turtle… Thing. Myr has weapon storage for her… Well weapons. Now here’s some extra pics! (the tan MOC is my self MOC jalrian I would link to the topic but I don’t know how) oh yeah, OBLIGATORY OUTDOOR SHOT. Comments and feedback are appreciated!


Nice. And Shellington is adorable.

How is Shellington a turtle if he has mandibles?

I … Um… I… TO THE INVISIBLE BOATMOBILE AND AWAY! in all seriousness though I didn’t even really think about a actual turtle while building him, more how a knights castle piece could be used as a shell.
@BBricks thanks! I definitely wanted that to be the response to Shellington.

Welcome. Hey. what is that piece used for Shellington’s shell?

I believe it is one of those constraction knight sets shoulder pieces I’m not sure because I store all my pieces in a giant bin.

Ah. Thanks.

Let’s be honest here: when have Bionicle creatures ever actually payed attention to what the real creature looks like? Case in point: Visorak. A defining feature of real spiders is that they have eight legs. How many do Visorak have? Four. Try again, Lego.

That aside, I like what I see. Myr’s color scheme is neat,

^What he said

An effective Matoran design with a great color scheme. Shellington is also a nice addition.

I would paint the mask completely white or replace the trans-green with trans-blue, but that looks really good

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Nice custom matoran build, the turtle looks more like a beetle.
And the mask works badly with the color scheme.

@AwesomeJoel27 @Asriel I Completely agree. Sadly I only own 2 white masks (this one and kopaka’s. So maybe I’ll do a custom head or something. Oh and painting is something that I’m still thinking about.

you could use white spray paint, I think it would look really cool if you just painted it white

kinda like this, but better

@Asriel you know what I’ll test it out thanks for the suggestion.
I finally spray painted the mask and here’s the result!

It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it.

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Nice little MOC duo here. Both fairly well done.

But Shellington is the real MVP…

Yea the spray paint looks great but his chest peice is cracked

@Official_Zelda Umm… I’m not exactly sure what your talking about.