Myself moc's darkside.

This was my second bionicle creation as it was a copy of my first one. The reason that it was The only Bionicle that I left in the kitchen where the house fire started and I thought It was destroyed for sure. But some how it survived with nothing burned or melted which really shocked me. I’m not showing it yet as it will be fully upgraded on Christmas.


Wow. This is a lot to take in. First off, I’m very sorry about the house fire. Secondly, this is a little overstimulating. The color scheme is all over the place, and the different greebles and textures don’t help. The construction looks very sturdy, though. If you took away some of the crazy elements and streamlined the look, I’d say it’d be a lot better.


This is an older picture and I plan taking newer pictures soon


I definitely agree with Cordax that this is a very visually stimulating MOC, but I find that it’s in a way that actually works. As many colours as it uses, they still work together and are balanced pretty good.

If your goal was to build a chaotic character, you definitely did it well.


Color scheme is a bit chaotic, but still the armor style is really all over the place. You’ve got the smooth, less greebly parts like the ccbs, mahri plates and roborider heads, and then you have detailed pieces like the uniter crystal armor and technic bits. Head is still cool though.


Gotta agree with my boy here, there’s a whole lot of textures going on here, however I feel as if it adds to the overall chaotic feel that any evil version of a self moc should have.


This is between light and dark This is basically the good version The evil one is 10 times worse than the storyline. He has The power to destroy all life in the multiverse.other reality manipulators do not stand a chance. The great beings found a way to temporarily imprisoned this entity but It does not last long and great beings have to constantly repair it as they cannot even take one eye away from it.