Myselfs: Me, Myself, I, and me

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong topic but I don’t believe if I’m in the pic it would in Lego Creations topic. :sweat_smile:


Your face is reminiscent of my soul


Thank you :skull:

Still moved to the Lego Creations Catagry. -square

I would suggest getting a better close-up picture on the moc, the design is pretty plain at the moment.

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Reminds me of a recent selfie of mine.

You don’t have silver shoulder armor. 0/10

I also don’t have white pants or a bionic chest plate glowing blue

The only things that matter to me are the shoulder pads.

Now that’s what I call a self moc

Really nice. I like the face, or lack there of.

The resemblance is uncanny.

i like this, it looks like a person who is you.