Mysterious BIONICLE Photos

Is that a Hordika arm as the torso, like in Gold Good Guy?


probably not. the hordika arm doesn’t allow for the hips to be angled like that


Fair point. Is it a 2001 limb?

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best guess is a rahkshi leg, with a metru thigh connected somehow.

probably the 3 l pin with an axle connector at the end, with a blue pin connected there.


So about those first two Hordika pictures. Their from some of the old Lego magazines I believe. I don’t know which ones though

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i bet it still exists deep down in Duracell’s basement


I see a Metru foot as the body[quote=“Sammythekat, post:417, topic:8369”]
ok, throwbot legs for the arms, the legs are the same

I see this piece

and like good guy HIS FEET ARE HANDS however this guy looks like

I have no life so I analyzed Mr. Makooti (Turaga edition) in paint.

Looking at it again, I was probably quite a bit off about the arm piece.


you’re pointing out the obvious, mate.

the legs are the same between the two.


A community of lego fans, and no one ever tried to build this thing?
I’m ashamed of you all.

Jokes aside, here it is.

Some difference in color obviously, but that’s how it’s built.



Wow, that actually looks like it’s the right build. Nice piece visualization.

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You are a genius :cry:

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That’s actually really nice looking…

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Wow, someone finally built it! It’s like a makeshift Rahaga. Could you tell me how the center socket linking the arms connects to the Rahkshi leg?

The video you found contained info about the bohrok and they refers lehvak as the bohrok of air do i know very little german the language is very close to swedish and since i regognized some of the words one being the german word for air which they used more than once in that video.

Speaking of prototypes, who remembers the Matoran Sphere vehicle from the second movie’s bonus features?


The legendary Matoran Sphere carrier. Always loved that concept.


Those are two words I never thought I’d see next to each other.

Here’s the “Prototype Bad Guy” with more accurate colours!


Are you extra certain about the Mata hands? The whole thing might be part of a larger, single mold. G1 had quite a few of those way back when.

With a couple of bizarre exceptions, an overwhelming majority of these fall squarely in the realm of “identified” for me. That Vakama Hordika shot never ceases to elude me, though. If I had to guess, it’s from an old foreign-language ad that got taped or photographed as a still from someone’s crappy TV.

@Vezok Haha, we all know who it depicts, man. Who do you think we are?

I mean, if it was on the Bionicle Wiki, there’s no way to tell. You gotta think for yourself, and not let a wiki blindly tell you what is canon and what’s not. :slight_smile: