Mysterious Island- Preview Videos

A long, long time ago, before G2 was even leaked, I began working on a project called Mysterious Island ; basically a retelling of the 2001 G1 story, but as a musical.

I like musicals. Is that okay?

Though it has been on a long hiatus, Mysterious Island is not dead, and I will be resuming work on it after I finish up Kulta Reimagined, and my jumior year of high school. Which brings me to these videos; each one a song from Mysterious Island, that I’m sharing here to spark a little interest. Please enjoy.


Pretty neat. I like Oh Jala.

you have a nice voice

######if that’s actually you… please don’t let this be awkward ._.

No worries. He is Makuta is mine; Oh Jala is two different female friends.

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ah, that explains a bit. :smile:

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